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Iphone 3.0

Apple's New iPhone 3GS Commercials Focus on New Cut and Paste, Voice Control Features

Two new iPhone 3GS commercials are now being aired by Apple, the first one focusing on cut, copy, and paste and the second on Voice Control.

While it's interesting that the original iPhone 2G commercials were targeted at "the internet in your pocket" and the iPhone 3G commercials at "there's an app for that", new features aside, we're not sure what overarching theme Apple's going for this time -- if any.

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iPhone 3.0 User Interface Details

Sebastiaan de With -- aside from gritting his teeth and almost blinding himself in one eye while reproducing the incomprehensibly pin-striped logo above -- has bent his design-focus and Cocoia blog towards an analysis of Apple's new iPhone 3.0 user interface:

Sometimes, I’m considering if other companies in the cellphone / personal media player market have caught up to Apple’s care to details and design sensibilities, but then things like these make the reality very obvious to me:

Apple’s still the leader of the pack by several tail lengths.

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iPhone 3.0 Also Stands for Speed -- of Adoption

Paul Haddad from Tapbots let us know just how fast he's seeing users update to iPhone 3.0. Based on the headers included when their app Convertbot checks with its servers to get the latest currency information, Paul figures:

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iPhone 3.0 How To: Easily Subscribe to US Holidays, Sports Team Schedules, Movie Release Dates, and More!

iPhone 3.0 features Calendar Subscriptions, where you can enter the URL for a shared calendar and near-instantly add it to your iPhone.

That's all well and good to share a family or business calendar, but what about more wide-ranging ones? What about national holidays, religious events, movie release dates, sports team schedules? Luckily, Apple's already made this simple for Mac OS X iCal users, and even more luckily it works just as simply for iPhone 3.0 users as well.

We'll share how, after the break...

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #16 -- iPhone 3.0!

Join Dieter, Chad, Leanna, Matt and Rene for iPhone 3.0, iPhone 3G S, and all the latest news! Listen in!

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Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 User Guide PDF

Someone in iPhone documentation has been busy lately. Not only did Apple post an iPhone guide for Enterprise today, but now here's the iPhone User Guide for iPhone OS 3.0 Software PDF (via iLounge).

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Having Problems with iPhone 3.0?

If you're anything like us, the moment iPhone 3.0 hit iTunes, you hit the update button. For many, it was smooth sailing from that point on. For others...?

Not so much. We're hearing about several issues, from disconnecting Wi-Fi in 2nd Gen iPod touches (hello BT radio!) to missing apps, to sync issues, to push problems, to seach nulls, to my own little bizarre issue:

All my media is fine on my iPhone, but when I plug it in to iTunes, it's read as gigabytes of "other" data and I get a helpful message saying my iPhone is already full.

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #15 -- WWDC!

Last week's show -- better late than never... right?

Join Chad and Rene for the post-WWDC show. New iPhone 3.0 GM features, MobileMe updates, and... introducing the iPhone 3G S! Listen in!

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iPhone OS 3.0 review

Complete review of Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 software for iPhone and iPod touch

Waiting to download iPhone 3.0? Trying to figure out exactly what's included in the new OS? Wondering what's changed since iPhone 2.2.1? Need a handy link to send your friends who may have questions? TiPb's got your back with our complete iPhone 3.0 Software Walkthrough.

Previously, we took you through all five beta versions, now we'll take you through the final GM (gold master) seed. (And when it goes live on iTunes for one and all, we'll update any changes we find as well, so consider this your one-stop-shop for everything iPhone 3.0).

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iPhone 3.0 Now Live! Go Get It!

As of approximately 1:30 EDT/10:30 PDT, iPhone 3.0 (7A341) -- weighing in at 230.1MB --went live and is now available via iTunes.

We're downloading now, and we assume you are too, so sound off in the comments and let us know how it's working for you, and how you like it!

NOTE: For those on the iPhone 3.0 GM seed, make sure you hit Restore as Update will think you already have 3.0!

And if you need help finding all the features, check out our massive iPhone 3.0 Walkthrough for all the details!

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