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Iphone 3.0

iPhone 3.0 Drop Time Update and the Great iPhone 3G S Delivery Date Debate

Years past it was lining up outside Apple Stores days in advance, this year it's staring feverishly at LCDs, hitting little buttons like mice at a combo food dispenser/electro-shocker, and hoping beyond hope that iPhone 3.0 is finally ready to download and the UPS dude is a couple days early at the door.

Relax. Breathe.

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iPhone Dev-Team Shows Off iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak and "UltraSn0w" Unlock

Engadget Mobile brings word that the iPhone Dev-Team has shown off a working Jailbreak and Unlock -- now dubbed UltraSn0w -- via Qik video.

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Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Game Controller Working on iPhone?

PocketGamer tells about the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth gaming controller:

while this is in no way official, it seems some clever clogs has now got the compact thumb stick and buttons working with the iPhone.

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iPhone 3G S Firmware Already Lining Up on Apple's Servers?

No, downloading and installing it on your iPhone 2G won't magically give it a better camera, video recording, or unicorn tear-powered 2x speed. (It will most likely give you heartache -- never mix and match firmware!) but MacRumors forum has already found iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone hardware 2,1 lingering about Apple.com.

(We're betting it's waiting in line for the hardware -- curse those pre-order limits!)

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iPhone 3.0 GM: iTunes App Gets On-Device Movie, TV Show, Music Video, Audio Book, and iTunes U Downloads

As twice rumored, the WWDC 2009, iPhone 3.0 GM (gold master) sees the on-device iTunes app, which previously added the ability to download video podcasts in iPhone 2.2, round out its content with movies, TV shows, music videos, iTunes U, and audio books.

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WWDC 2009 News Roundup: iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3.0

It's been a busy day here on TiPb, so just in case you missed anything, here's a roundup of all our WWDC 2009 news and coverage.

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Updated: Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 Gold Master to Developers + WARNING!

Apple has made the GM (gold master), or final version of iPhone 3.0 available to developers via developer.apple.com in advance of June 17th public release.

Apple VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forstall, reminded developers to download it, test against it, and if their apps didn't work, to get updates done and fast!

WARNING updated: yeah, we got the full text and it applies only as outlined in the comments below. Thanks everyone, we try to err on the side of caution. Luckily devs had access

If you're not a legit developer who needs this now, more than ever -- stay away!

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iPhone 3.0 Release Date: June 17

Apple VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forstall, announced during the WWDC Keynote that iPhone 3.0 (see our massive walkthrough) will be available for one and all, next Tuesday, June 17.

Ladies and gentlemen, set iTunes for download!

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TiPb's WWDC 2009 iPhone Predictions

What a difference a year makes. 2008 saw the introduction of iPhone SDK, iPhone 2.0, App Store, MobileMe, and iPhone 3G, the latter two of which were announced at WWDC and prefaced a worldwide rollout that broke Apple's conservative goal of shipping 10 million units.

We've seen iPhone 3.0, the changes to the SDK and App Store, and now on the eve of WWDC 2009 it's time to think about what else we just might see one year later, and -- according to Apple -- lightyears ahead.

No one knows exactly what Apple is going to do. They make the cold war Kremlin seem positively chatty by comparison. That doesn't mean we don't have rough ideas. See, Apple likes their patterns. They like showing iPods off in the fall, for example, and they seem to like June for showing off the iPhone. So, based on WWDC 2008, the iPhone 3.0 Sneak Preview, and the more consistent rumors since then, we might be able to draw some educated guesses as to how WWDC 2009 might play out...

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