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1st Generation iPhone Owners: No MMS For You!

Apple why must you hurt us like this? Ever since the announcement of the iPhone OS 3.0 software you've left first generation iPhone owners with a bad taste in their mouths by claiming MMS -- Multimedia Messaging Service -- would not work on their devices due to "hardware limitations". Well MacLife went on a mission to find the truth:

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: Digital Compass Settings Found in Debug Menu

BGR, citing sources of the shinobi-kind, has posted a couple of screen captures showing the Settings for the digital Compass enabled via debug menus in iPhone 3.0 Beta 5.

We'd heard rumors of a digital compass being included in the next generation iPhone -- widely speculated for a WWDC 2009 introduction this coming June -- but it's nice to actually see some confirmation.

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Apple Now Accepting Submissions for iPhone 3.0 Apps

Maybe this explains, at least in part, the new iPhone 3.0 Beta 5released yesterday? Looks like Apple is super-eager to get developers testing and submitting 3.0 compatible applications.

We're really eager to see what developers are coming up with to leverage all those great 3.0 features as well. Really, really eager. Ahem.

Full text of Apple's email to developers:

All apps must be compatible with iPhone OS 3.0

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: AT&T Data Network Problems and Potential Fixes

Apple made mention that some developers, when updating to iPhone 3.0 Beta 5, might experience problems connecting to AT&T's data network. Apple asked any devs so affected to contact them, and one dev who had the problem called in and let us know what Apple told him:

Apple just called me back, had me turn the phone off then back on. Then turn the wifi off and try it and it seems to be back to working. Thaaaank you apple.

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: App Store Gets Age-Based Restrictions for Parental Control

More new finds in iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: it seems like those Restriction Settings -- allowing parental control over apps based on ratings -- we heard rumored in the wake of Reznor-gate have been surfaced in the latest beta.

Options include:

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Updated: iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: MMS Now Hidden on AT&T


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UPDATE 3: Pretty much confirmed now. No more MMS for AT&T. Also, iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release 2 blocks editing of the carrier file. No more tethering.

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 5 Now Available to Develpers

Apple has just released iPhone 3.0 Beta 5 to developers, a scant week-and-a-day after Beta 4. Previously Beta 2 and Beta 3 had been arriving every second Tuesday like clockwork, so was is this a sign of acceleration pre-WWDC, important fixes that needed pushing out faster, or just an early surprise for developers anxious to keep up to date?

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iPhone 3.0: Swipe to Delete Contact Info

Not sure if this is new to Beta 4, or if it appeared earlier in iPhone 3.0, but it's the first we've seen of it so we're passing it along. What is it exactly? Simply go to Contacts, pick a name, and then swipe to call up the red "Delete" button that we all know and love from Email and other, previous apps going all the way back to iPhone 1.x.

Nice way to speed up removing unwanted or outdated information. Thanks Apple!

(And thanks Adam for the tip!)

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