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Iphone 3.0

iPhone 3.0: Predictive Text Enhanced?

Did iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 refresh the dictionary behind predictive text? Based on a few emails we've gotten it looks like Apple might just have altered -- hopefully expanded and improved -- the engine that tries to make multi-touch typing just automagically work.

Let us know if you've seen anything different in beta 4.

[Thanks Adam!]

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iPhone 3.0: iTunes Account Management in App Store

We've mentioned previously how iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 enabled an App Store tab in Preferences for managing and switching between iTunes Accounts. Looks like this feature is also available directly from the App Store application itself.

Scroll down to the bottom of a main page (i.e. before you've selected a specific app to look at) and you'll find a button containing your account user ID.

Tap on the button and you'll be given options to View Account, Sign Out, or Cancel.

Much more convenient than having to exit, launch Settings, navigate, switch accounts, go back...

Thanks Apple! More screenshots after the break...

(And thanks Roberto for the tip!)

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iPhone 3.0: Find My iPhone to be MobileMe WebApp?

A minor tweak in iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 changes the language for the -- still-unannounced by Apple -- "Find My iPhone" feature from simply saying it uses your MobileMe account at me.com, to saying it uses a MobileMe Web application.

The assumption has always been that this feature would let you track a lost iPhone (or perhaps the child for whom you bought it), web application sounds -- at least to us -- a tad more substantial in terms of implementation.

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iPhone to Become One Stop Video Production Shop?

Business Week (via Daring Fireball) is adding fuel to the rumors of Apple's iPhone 3.0 may not only be shooting video come WWDC, but editing and sharing as well:

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iPhone 3.0: On-Device App Download from Multiple iTunes Accounts?

We mentioned the new Store Setting tab just a short time ago. daveizzle on Twitter made the observation that this functionality makes it seem like you could theoretically sign into one account, download apps, sign out, sign into another account, and download apps from that account as well, all onto the same iPhone or iPod touch. Boom. Support for multiple iTunes accounts right on the device.

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 4: Store Prefs, Camera Re-Takes


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iPhone 3.0: Paste Long Passwords into Wi-Fi Settings?

Back before the iPhone, I was using one of GRC.com's long, pseudo-random passwords for my WPA-protected Wi-Fi network. Typing it into iPhone 1.x, even iPhone 2.x was a non-starter, however, so I shrank it down considerably.

Similar security-conscious folks have lamented not only the lack of copy and paste on the iPhone, but especially the lack of "paste-into-password field" to support just those kinds of super-secure strings.

Well, it looks like we might be getting them -- along with the previously discussed copy and paste features, in iPhone 3.0.

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iPhone 3.0: Voice Control to Get "Jibbler" With It?

Ars Technica has heard from those ever-enigmatic "sources familiar with" that there might just be more going on behind the rumored new Voice Control feature in iPhone 3.0 than we've seen so far:

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