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Iphone 3.0

iPhone 3.0: Receive Video MMS

BGR, prompted by a forum post on MacRumors, has tested out some iPhone 3.0 functionality and...:

We’re happy to report that you can receive and play videos over MMS just fine

Sure to be a hit with the MMS lovers, though also likely to once again inflame the "no-video-recording-on-iPhone" frustraterati!

[Thanks to Gabriel for the tip!]

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 2: 11 Home Pages, 180 Apps

TheLoopBlog has posted, MacRumors confirmed, and we've been able to verify as well that as of yesterday's iPhone 3.0 Beta 2, Apple has enabled 11 Home Screen pages for app storage, up from the previous 9. This raises the total number of apps available on the iPhone at once to 180 (up from 148).

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UPDATED: iPhone 3.0 Beta 2 Now Available for Developers

UPDATED: According to the screenshot we just received, looks like Apple has, for the first time, re-jiggered the order of Apps on the Home Screen (previously they just added iTunes and then App Store). Now Voice Memo takes Clocks spot, Notes switches with Calculator, Clock goes where Notes was, and Calculator bumps Settings to the bottom row along with iTunes and App Store, which move left a slot to make room. Not sure about this new arrangement, what do you think?

Also, there's apparently a new Settings panel for Store, although it sounds like it's blank right now.

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iPhone 3.0: Mobile Safari Gets Enhanced Security Certificate Visualization

Looks like another desktop Safari 4 Beta feature has found its way into the iPhone 3.0 version of the browser. Now, when you go to a site with an enhanced security certificate, the text on top of the browser turns green (like the green bar, we get it!), with little green lock icon beside it, and the name of the certificate's trusted organization. For example, the above screenshots show how Apple's order status page looks on iPhone 2.2.1 (top right) and iPhone 3.0.

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iPhone OS 3.0: Ars Benchmarks Mobile Safari -- 3x - 16x Faster than 2.2

We mentioned yesterday that iPhone OS 3.0's Mobile Safari Browser was being reported as faster than the current iPhone OS 2.2.1 version. Now Ars Technica has run the numbers and the results are pretty impressive. Check out their full report for all the details, but this sums it up nicely:

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iPhone 3.0: Mobile Safari Using Nitro Engine for Ultra-Fast Web Browsing?

We so fondly remember Palm's Roger McNamee stating the Pre would be a million times faster on the web than the iPhone (now retracted), and even our sister-site PreCentral.net jumped on that band wagon, saying the Pre looked to be 4x faster than the iPhone.

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TiPb Presents: Phone different Podcast #36

Speculation on the 3rd Generation iPhone, plus: Just can't get enough of that tasty iPhone 3.0 Beta! Listen in!

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Dear Apple: How Will You Handle Death-By-Push-Notification?

It's summer 2009 and iPhone OS 3.0 has just been made available via iTunes. You have it up and running along with next gen Twitter clients, instant massagers, RSS readers, and all manner of Push Notification-enabled apps ready to alert you the very instant anything new is piping hot and ready.

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TiPb Advisory: Not a Developer and Thinking of Going to 3.0? Think Twice!

When Apple released iPhone OS 2.0 over a year ago, very few people had access to the betas and screenshots were few and far between. Was it because early developers were seasoned, professional Mac veterans who took the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) seriously? Who knows. What we do know is that iPhone OS 3.0, following last Tuesday's beta release, is running rampant over the internet. Somewhat less than honorable "developers" are even offering to "sell" access to the 3.0 beta. Yikes.

This has led to a lot of users getting, or at least thinking about getting, the 3.0 beta for their own iPhones.

Well, think carefully. And think twice!

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