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Iphone 3.0

iPhone OS 3.0: What it Means for Business

Last year, during the iPhone 2.0 SDK Event, Apple unleashed a slew of enterprise-aimed initiatives. Phil Schiller took the stage to showcase Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync licensing, as well as 802.1x, Cisco VPN, certificates, remote wipe, configuration tools, and more.

Schiller didn't show up at the iPhone 3.0 Sneak Peek event (not until the apres-Q&A at least), and Apple didn't announce something as spectacular as Exchange support this year. But was there anything compelling for businesses this time around?

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iPhone OS 3.0: What it Means for Gamers

TiPb has been following the iPhone and gaming for quite some time now. Now that the iPhone OS 3.0 announcement has come and gone, we've learned that there are 1000 new API's for developers in the SDK. This will not only help developers make better games but it also shows Apple is deadly serious about making the iPhone a true competitor to Nintendo and Sony within the handheld market. What a bright future there seems to be for iPhone gamers.

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Preview: iPhone OS 3.0 Software Walkthrough (Updated to Beta 5)

Our update iPhone 3.0 Walkthrough (release version) is now online. Please re-direct yourselves there.

(We'll keep this up for historical interest, however)

Just like January 2007 when Steve Jobs held up the first iPhone at Macworld and showed the world full screen multi-touch, and March 2008 when Jobs, along with Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall stood up at the Apple Town Hall and unveiled iPhone 2.0 and the App Store, this week Forstall and Greg Joswiack dropped iPhone 3.0 and... what exactly?

Let's take a walk through the first beta release of the software and find out together. Of course, this being a beta, come this "summer" when the final release version is made available to consumers (free for iPhone users, US$9.95 for iPod touch users), things could be a tad different. This is the way things are now, with the first beautiful, buggy beta into for developers to test Last year there were 8 betas between the first and the final release. Who knows how many there will be this time, and what may change between now and then. So don't take this as full feature review, just a preview.

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From the Forums: Landscape Keyboard, Favorite iPhone 3.0 Feature, Beejive IM Giveaway, iPhone Developer Forum

Now that the dust has settled and we now know what to expect "this summer" from iPhone 3.0, it's only natural to include some more iPhone 3.0 madness in the forums.

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iPhone 3.0: New Safari Link Options -- Copy, Open in New Page

Tap and hold is a multi-touch gesture that Apple introduced into Mobile Safari in iPhone OS 2.0. It triggered a popup a menu that allowed users to Save Image to the camera roll.

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iPhone 3.0: Publish Video?

Go to Photos. Choose a photo. Tap the action button. Choose "Send to Mobile Me" and a screen slides up labeled... Publish Video? Hard to believe that's a simple typo, or even a bald-faced trick. But if it isn't, is it a sign the Video Recording -- One of the features still missing in action following this week's iPhone 3.0 Preview Event -- may be coming to the iPhone come "summer"?

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iPhone OS 3.0: Encrypt iPhone Backups in iTunes 8.1

iPhone OS 3.0 is the gift that just keeps on giving, this time revealing features in iTunes 8.1 we hadn't seen before. Now, when you hook an iPhone running the 3.0 beta 1 software up, under the Summary tab you have a new option: Encrypt iPhone backup.

Checking off the option opens a pop-up window for you to enter your password.

We're not sure yet what form of encryption Apple is using, though the Steve Gibson is us hopes it's something with a really, really strong security focus. Especially for those in enterprise or government who might have a need for it.

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iPhone 3.0: Notes Sync (Finally!)

When Steve Jobs first showed off the iPhone at Macworld 2007, and told the world that it would sync data via iTunes, Notes Sync was one of the items listed on his Keynote slide. Meanwhile, over on the Mac side, Apple shipped OS X 10.5 Leopard, and the desktop Mail app popped up a warning about syncing Notes to the iPhone.

This probably led you -- as it did us -- to believe the original iPhone on OS 1.x would sync notes.

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! Podcast # 9! -- iPhone 3.0!

Join Dieter, Chad, and Rene, as they take your chat questions and talk everything iPhone 3.0. What it hit, what it missed, and what it all means to us! Listen in!

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