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Iphone 4.0

Apple announce 12 days of Christmas, free downloads for the UK

Apple has launched its 12 days of Christmas promotion in the UK, an iTunes offer where Apple gives away a different free download each day. The download can be a song, music video, app, book, TV episode or even a complete film.

The promotion starts on December 26th and runs for 12 days. Each free gift will only be available for 24 hours. Apple also has a dedicated 12 days of Christmas app that is available today so you won’t miss any of the give aways that start on the 26th. The app is a universal binary, so is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad.

No news on availability in other countries yet but we are sure it will be coming soon!

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iOS 4.2 for iPhone has new technology to ease network congestion and improve battery life

iOS 4.2 for iPhone supports a technology known as Network Controlled Fast Dormancy which enables the cell network and the handset to work together to create the best conditions for smartphones to work quickly yet have a longer battery life, and minimize network congestion.

Interestingly, it is Nokia Siemens Networks and not Apple that has brought this to everyone’s attention. Nokia Siemens Networks has posted the news on its own blog page.

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iXtreamer media player, access iOS content on your HDTV [video]

Well known media player manufacturer Xtreamer, has just launched a new media player, called the iXtreamer. It is aimed squarely at iOS users because not only is this a media player, it also has a dock on the top which accepts virtually all iPod / iPhone devices as well as the iPad. When a device is in the dock, it offers a full charging solution; but more importantly, provides access to your music, video and photo libraries all via your HD TV. The iXtreamer has its own on screen UI to access and play your content via a remote control from the comfort of your living room.

Experience your iPad music collection on the spectacular artistic GUI on your TV screen with amazing picture quality of HD video and crystal clear sound clarity of 7.1 CH digital audio. Use your iPhone or the included remote control to navigate through your entertainment choices using crisp, animated HD menus.

Now combine this with a media player that can also play content from a local hard drive, USB Drives or network attached storage and the package starts to look particularly attractive. File support is well covered, the iXtreamer supports, BluRay image files, MKV, AVI and a lot more besides, all in 1080P HD. YouTube access is also included along with internet radio and TV streams.

Xtreamer has big plans for the device; they are currently investigating the possibility of getting access to apps and games on your iOS device and showing them on your HDTV too. They do state that this will depend on Apple’s willingness, so I think you can rule that one out for the foreseeable future.

This does look like a very good media player with some special features to attract iOS users. The iXtreamer is currently priced at 199 Euros ($270). Shipping is available worldwide and it is available now.

Although this has much greater file support than the Apple TV, does it offer enough for the extra cost? Let us know in the comments!


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iPhone 9.2 feature: edit iOS 4 folders

iTunes 9.2, currently in beta on the Mac, will be required to install iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch when it becomes available on June 21, and here's likely one of the reasons why -- it can edit Folders.

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Cocoia icon resource updated for iPhone 4

Working on an icon for your new iPhone 4 or iPad app? Fresh from WWDC 2010, Cocoia have updated their PSD resource file to include not only the original iPhone/iPod touch and iPad dimensions, but the new iPhone 4 114x114 Retina Display resolution as well:

Again, if you appreciate it, tweet this to help your fellow designers and developers make nicer icons for iPhone 4 (and beyond).

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iOS 4 spotlight: iPod touch Wi-Fi stays connected when asleep -- iPhone too?

One of the more interesting notes on Apple's iOS 4 for iPod touch page is persistent Wi-Fi connectivity, so Skype calls or push-notifications can come through even when your iPod touch is in sleep mode:

iPod touch can stay connected to Wi-Fi when asleep so you can receive incoming VoIP calls and notifications from compatible third-party apps.

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iOS 4 review

Complete review of Apple's iOS 4 software for iPhone and iPod touch

iOS 4 (previously iPhone OS 4.0) continues Apple's relentless yearly mobile OS update cycle. If 2007 was the mainstreaming of the multitouch user interface, 2008 all about the App Store, and 2009 was filling in the feature list, then iOS 4 promises to be... well, that's why we're here.

(And yes, iOS. That's the new name Apple has licensed from trademark-holders Cisco to represent the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch -- and maybe soon the Apple TV and who knows what else -- family.)

Back on April 8 at the sneak preview event, Apple promised 7 "tent-pole" features and 100+ general user features overall, along with 1500 major new API for developers. We're going to walk you through the ones that matter most.

Note: iOS 4.1 is now available. See our complete iOS 4.1 walkthrough for the latest on Game Center, HDR photography, Ping social music network, and the other new features.

See also our iPhone 4 review for more on hardware specific features.

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Apple Slightly Changes Terms in Section 3.3.2 Dealing With Cross-Compiling and Use of Interpretors

The iOS 4 GM seed (gold master) released during WWDC 2010 once again made changes to Section 3.3.2 of Apple's licensing agreement -- specifically the part that deals deals with the use of cross-compilers.  The changes this time around may not make things all better, but it could make things slightly better for some developers.  Matt Drance had this to say about the change to Section 3.2.2:

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1Password on Safari 5 extensions, designing for iPad, and iPhone 4 - TiPb at WWDC 2010

During WWDC 2010 I had a chance to sit down with the team from Agile Web Solutions -- Roustem, Dave, Jamie, Dan, and Chad -- to talk not only about their newly launched 1Password for iPad, but about the big news of the show including official browser extension support from Apple in Safari 5, and of course iPhone 4 and iOS 4.

Apple called Agile about their new Safari 5 extensions before they debuted in hopes of having a demo ready for the show. Dave found the preview was polished and well documented and it took them only a few days to put something together. That sounds like good news not only for developers but for Safari users as well.

Agile also said making the iPad version was a chance to start from scratch and figure out how users were going to interact with the larger, wider display, and with the ability to do things like scrolling independently with each thumb.

While I used 1Password on Mac long before the iPhone debuted, Roustem pointed out they now have a whole new user base introduced to their product via the iPhone and iPad and with no Mac-based preconceptions. While the iPhone and iPad versions [iTunes link] are great for Mac or Windows users as an extension, Agile is also working to help iPhone and iPad-only users get more out of it as well.

As for iPhone 4 -- they want it. (Even if Dan has to re-render his artwork at higher resolution to support it). Chad's also looking forward to iOS 4 multitasking and like the way it runs select API rather than full apps in the background.

(Though I suspect they were just humoring me when I asked for Game Center integration so I could see where my 63 character pseudo-random passwords place on the leaderboard compared to Leanna's!)

You can find out more about 1Password for Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad, and the newly acquired Knox, via Agile's web site, below. Video after the break.

[Agile Web Solutions]

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Apple's magic developer numbers: 100, 100 million, and 1 billion

We've all heard huge numbers thrown around as measures of iPhone and iPad App Store success -- over 200,000 apps and 5 billion downloads being some of the most recent and most impressive. There's a couple of other numbers that are even more interesting when it comes to iPhone and iPad development: 100, 100 million, and 1 billion.

Roughly 100 million iOS devices have been sold to data and they are all broadly software compatible. There's some fragmentation to be sure -- older devices are slower, there's no cameras (yet) on the iPod touch and iPad, no GPS in iPod touch, iPad Wi-Fi, and the iPhone 2G. Apple mitigates this somewhat by offering services such as CoreLocation where, if no GPS is found, it gracefully degrades down to cell tower triangulation or Wi-Fi router mapping. Even the iPad with its odd-device-out 1024x768 display will frame iPhone apps or pixel double them, which is awkward but still workable, still compatible. When iPhone 4 ships, it will be precisely double the vertical and horizontal pixel count of previous generations, meaning older apps will simply look the same as they did before (using 4 pixels in the space they used to use 1).

Likewise, most iOS devices tend to get updated to the latest version of the OS, or at least fairly recent versions. While iOS 4 will drop compatibility for iPhone 2G and iPod touch G1, it will also be free for all other devices for the first time, ensuring iPod touch G2 and G3 owners are more likely to update.

Everything isn't perfect, but for a vast majority of apps it doesn't need to be. They just work.

The sheer size of that install base is stunning. Code an app once and deploy it to a theoretical 100 million devices -- and growing -- all with a drop-dead-easy to use icon on the home screen to help them get your apps?

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