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Iphone 4.0

Dear Santa Jobs: All We Want for iPhone 4.0 is...

Dear Santa Jobs, all we want for Christmas iPhone 4.0 is... Well, grab your cocoa (touch) and take a long sip, because just like our buddy Derek, we've a bit of a list this year.

Don't get us wrong, you revolutionized a lazy, arrogant smartphone industry with your UI in 2007, shook up mobile app delivery with your store in 2008, and re-defined the "budget" $99 price point in 2009, all the while pushing software updates and evolving hardware that forced your competitors to catch up or re-invent themselves completely. But if the merry little elves of the Round Robin have shown us anything, it's that catch up they have. And more than that, even though we got stockings chock full of iPhone 3.0 cut-and-paste, stereo Bluetooth, MMS, and other goodies last year, there's still some minor little things we'd love you to resolve in 2010.

(And yes, we're aware almost all of these suggestions are straight out of Cydia and already available for Jailbroken iPhones. That's not coal worthy, it's a holiday miracle!)

Comfy? Good, because here's the naughty and nice of it...

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TiPb Speculates: What if Apple Unveils iPhone 4.0 HD in January?

Given the rumors culminating today in the Tuesday, January 26th Special Media Event mother of all rumors, the speculation about the when is only compounded by the what, and on that raging inferno of fantasy, TiPb is once again wondering if maybe not only (or not even) an iTablet fits the bill -- but an iPhone 4.0 unveiled early in advance of an iPhone HD.

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iPhone 4.0 Spotted Online Again!

Last time iPhone 4.0 was spotted in a server log, now it's been seen again in a developer's Pinch Media analytics. Sure, this stuff can and will be faked, but given that Apple typically introduces new OS versions in March, and that iPhone 3.2 is still nowhere to be seen, maybe they are concentrating on 4.0 and early tests are already underway?

'Tis the season to see rumors, if nothing else!

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iPhone 3.1.3 and iPhone 4.0 Discovered in Server Logs

Boy Genius took a look at his server logs and found somethings (plural!) very interesting -- entries for both iPhone 3.1.3 and... iPhone 4.0!

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Job Listing Shows Apple Wants to iPhone Maps App "to the Next Level"

A new job listing shows Apple is looking for an iPhone Software Engineer to work on the Map and MapKit framework team, which is also responsible for the Compass app and other location-based services on the iPhone and iPod touch:

The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile industry and has changed people's lives and we want to continue to do so. We want to take Maps to the next level, rethink how users use Maps and change the way people find things. We want to do this in a seamless, highly interactive and enjoyable way. We've only just started.

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