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TiPb at WWDC 2010 - day one round up

WWDC 2010 certainly starting with a bang -- or boom in Apple parlance -- with almost more iPhone 4, iOS 4, and related news than we could keep up with. Almost. Here's a quick round up of what happened today, including Steve Jobs' triumphant return to the keynote stage.

We'll be here Tuesday and Wednesday as well, so if you're a developer email us at news(at)tipb(dot)com and drop on by, say hi, and amaze us with your apps. We're trying to fit in as many as possible.

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iOS 4 GM seed now live, app submissions begin June 10

Apple has released the 378MB Gold Master (GM) seed for iOS 4 (formerly iPhone OS 4) and it's now available to developers via developer.apple.com (after you agree to the new terms of use). Apple has also announced that developers can begin submitting iOS 4 compatible apps to the iTunes App Store beginning June 10.

So let's get going devs, we know you're going to amaze us!


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WWDC 2010 - What We Didn't Get

Now that the WWDC 2010 keynote's over and the dust settles, we know what we're going to get in the coming weeks. iPhone 4 with a brand new look and tons new features, iOS 4, iMovie for iPhone, new developer APIs, iAd, and then some. Apple definitely changed the game today.  But what about the things we wanted but didn't get?

We're all extremely excited to get our hands on the new hardware and OS but for many users, iOS 4 still leaves certain things to be desired. Keep on reading to see what we would have liked to see.

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iOS 4 Gold Master seed available today

Apple has announced as part of their WWDC 2010 keynote that iOS 4 (previously iPhone OS 4) will go Gold Master (GM) today. That means devs should be able to get it via developer.apple.com and begin testing their apps for release... alongside the new iPhone 4.

More as this develops!

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iPhone OS 4 is now iOS 4, coming June 21

As part of the iPhone 4 introduction today at WWDC 2010, Apple's Steve Jobs announced a name change for the operating system that powers an increasing number of their mobile devices -- goodbye iPhone OS, hello iOS. And it's coming June 21.

Base features are what we saw at the sneak peak event -- and have detailed in way too much detail already in our walkthrough -- except for the FaceTime (i.e. video chat/calling) feature.

GDGT says cisco owns that trademark, much like they owned iPhone in 2007. It looks a bit weird to me still, and I'm fairly sure the iMac isn't running it, so it will take some getting used to. For Apple to use iPhone 4 for the phone name, however, they needed something more distinct for the OS.

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WWDC 2010 live meta-blog

WWDC 2010's keynote kicks off at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BST. There probably won't be any live video streams -- Apple doesn't do them and they typically shut down anyone they catch trying to do it. So, we invite you to sit back, relax, and join us for coverage, color, and commentary.

NOTE: Apple keynotes typically bring down the internet. We've got two widgets after the break because both have failed in the past. If one fails this time, we'll switch to the other. You shouldn't have to refresh the page.

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iPhone OS 4: iTunes streaming music in widget UI, is this how Pandora and Slacker will work?

We've already seen how iPhone OS 4 now includes double-tap to launch the fast-app switcher for multitasking, and how you can now swipe left to get audio control widgets for the iPhone, but it seems those audio controls are working for iTunes streaming now as well - and maybe more?

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iPhone OS 4 beta 5 doesn't show, does that mean GM seed might soon be a go?

Since introducing iPhone OS 4 beta, Apple has kept a rigorous every-2-weeks-on-the-Tuesday update schedule through beta 4... until yesterday. Yesterday, the next Tuesday in line for beta, came and went with nary a beta 5 in sight.

Could be late, or it could be with WWDC 2010 less than a week away Apple is holding off to release the iPhone OS 4 GM (gold master) seed at the show? (Like they did last year for iPhone 3.0).

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iPhone OS 4: iTunes streaming audio

I mentioned this during the iPhone live! #100 podcast, but iPhone OS 4 has taken a huge leap forward when it comes to streaming audio via the iTunes app. Since iPhone OS 2.2 you've been able to tap the title of a podcast to begin streaming (rather than downloading) the audio, even in the background while using other apps, but it was sometimes hit or miss. It would drop out, it would time out, you couldn't really scrub through it, and if you left it for a while it would lose its place and start over.

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