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Bad Piggies for iPhone and iPad review

After what feels like an eternity since Angry Birds maker Rovio teased that they were working on a game that was from the pigs point of view, Bad Piggies is finally here. I wouldn't call it a "sequel" to Angry Birds, however, because it doesn't feature the birds at all. Instead, it's an entirely new game featuring only the pigs -- and it's awesome!

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The pigs hijack the Curiousity Mars Rover in Angry Birds Space for iPhone and iPad

Angry Birds Space, the one where Rovio's billion dollar birds chased their popular pigs clear out of orbit, has been updated in fairly geeky, spectacular fashion.

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Build your cognitive skills with ThinkO for iPhone and iPad

ThinkO for iPhone and iPad is a mind challenging puzzle game that focuses on your cognitive skills. The goal is simple: to move the rows and columns of rings to match the same colored squares. The challenging part is that every time you make a move, more squares start appearing, so if you aren't efficient with your choices, you will trap yourself with too many squares.

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The Impossible Game for iPhone review

I'm not going to lie, deciding to review The Impossible Game for iPhone was not an easy decision, because, well, it's nearly impossible! I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't even made it past the first level, yet. But despite that, I'm still having fun and am totally addicted. That's why I've decided The Impossible Game is worthy of a review.

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Amazing Alex for iPhone and iPad review

Amazing Alex is a "new" game by Angry Birds maker Rovio. I say "new", because it has actually been in the App Store before -- as Casey's Contraptions. Rovio purchased the physics-based puzzle game and rebranded it as Amazing Alex. It promises 100 levels of challenging fun, the ability to create and share your own levels, and the frequent, free updates that have made Angry Birds an enduring hit.

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Tiny Wings 2.0 for iPhone and Tiny Wings HD for iPad now available

The much anticipated sequel to Tiny Wings has just hit the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. It features a whole new game mode called "Flight School", 15 new hand-crafted levels, and a few new additions to the bird family.

The great news is that Tiny Wings 2.0 for iPhone is not a new app, which means previous Tiny Wings players get this update for free! On the other hand, Tiny Wings HD for iPad is a separate, new app and is available for $2.99.

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Crabs and Penguins for iPhone by Coca-Cola review

Crabs and Penguins is a new game by Coca-Cola where you play the role of Hero Crab and guide him from a tropical paradise through a journey through the ocean involving sharks, sunken pirate ships, freezing water, and other dangers. During this journey, Hero Crab has a soccer ball with him and his goal is to return it to the penguins in the North. To show their gratitude, the penguins present Hero Crab with a Coca-Cola bottle to ride during his journey back home.

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Bag It! for iPhone and iPad review

Bag It! is a game that Rene and I checked out while at Macworld 2012 where the goal is to efficiently bag your groceries while optimizing space and not crushing items by overloading them with weight. For example, placing a watermelon on top of a loaf of bread is a surefire way to smash the bread.

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Plague Inc. for iPhone and iPad review

A dark strategy game called Plague Inc. recently infected the top spot in the iTunes App Store. It puts you in charge of the evolution and spread of a globe-spanning virus, and as the epidemic spreads, your disease has to develop new traits, symptoms, and levels of deadliness to avoid immunization and eventual obliteration.

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Spirits for iPhone and iPad review

One of the many, many games on sale through the Because We May promotion is Spirits by Spaces of Play, and even though it's two years old, it has weathered the test of time well enough to be featured by Apple, and we figured it was worth a fresh review.

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