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Iphone History

History of iPhone 5s: The most forward thinking iPhone ever

The history of iPhone — continuing with the most forward thinking one ever.

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History of iPhone 5c: The most colorful iPhone yet

The history of iPhone — continuing with the most colorful one yet!

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Steve Jobs at D8 video: iPad predated iPhone

We've long heard rumors that Apple was working on "Safari Pad" long before the iPhone, but Steve Jobs confirmed it at D8, saying he thought of a glass display with multitouch and no keyboard. Apple came up with it, got inertial scrolling going and Jobs thought they could make a phone (which was more important). They made the iPhone, and then went back to the tablet for the iPad.

Jobs also discusses how to support and monetize media as it transitions into the digital age.

(Oh, and he doesn't want us to descend into a nation of bloggers -- America needs editorial!)

Video after the break!

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The iPhone Almost Ran... Linux?!

Daring Fireball has been digging into the saga of Tony Fadell, the "Father of the iPod" who's left Apple, potentially to be replaced by Mark Papermaster (if they can get around IBM's lawyers, that is).

What's been turned up?

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Opera Was the Original Browser... For the iPhone?!

Opera, the admirable yet often un-admired cross-platform web browser alternative to Internet Explorer on the PC, Safari on the Mac, and Firefox pretty much everywhere, was considered by Apple to be the original baked-in surfing standard for the iPhone?


That's pretty much what we thought too, though Valleywag stands behind the story:

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