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Iphone Nano

UPDATED: More iPhone nano, free MobileMe rumors

The Wall Street Journal's Yukari Iwatani Kane continues to leak Apple rumors, this time backing up Bloomberg's iPhone nano story and once again raising the idea of a revamped, free MobileMe service to go with it:

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Expanding the iPhone and iPad family

Could Apple be planning to expand and round out the iPhone and iPad families by adding higher and/or lower end devices that could appeal to additional segments of the market? While the rumors have been around for as long as the iPhone and iPad themselves, the latest incarnations -- a Retina Display iPad 3 in fall and a cheaper iPhone nano in summer -- make the concept worth looking at again.

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Apple releasing a cheaper, contract-free iPhone Nano this summer?

Bloomberg is reporting that, according to unnamed sources, Apple is working on a smaller iPhone model (iPhone Nano, anyone?) to help close the pricing gap between lower end Android devices and Apple's flagship iPhone product. The move would let consumers pick up an iPhone Nano for around $200 non-subsidized and without a carrier contract:

One version would be cheaper and smaller than the most recent iPhone [...] Apple has considered selling the new iPhone for about $200, without obligating users to sign a two-year service contract.

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Does Apple need an iPhone nano to stop the ultra-cheap Android invasion?

Android is already the biggest iPhone competitor and if technology and emerging markets combine to create $100 off-contract Android phones, will Apple need an iPhone nano to keep both user and developer mindshare?

Seth Weintraub at Fortune kicked over this latest Android anthill with an article on how cheaper chipsets and Google strategy could align to make those $100 Android smartphones a reality, shoving the migration from feature phone to smartphone into overdrive. That's interesting in established markets like US and EU, where the idea of walking into a store, laying down very little cash, and walking out with a "good enough" handset, sans additional contract obligations, is a mainstream dream come true. In emerging markets in Asia and Africa, that's the gold mine. Forget a PC on every desk and in every home -- soon it will be a smartphone in every hand.

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Apple Making Smaller, CDMA-Compatible "World Phone" for Verizon, Launching Q3 2010?

Is Apple making a smaller, CDMA-compatible "world phone" for Verizon, and readying it for Q3, 2010? Maybe. And TiPb's sure this "report" coming out on Droid Day is purely coincidental, given Google and Verizon's moment in the sun. AppleInsider, however, claims a new report, with the prerequisite "sources in Taiwan" (SiT) say it's so:

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iProd 1,1 Once Again Seen in iPhone Firmware

Ars Technica has once again found references to an iProd 1,1 in Apple firmware, this time iPhone 3.1 Beta 3. iProd was last seen back in May in the iPhone 3.0 betas under the prototype designation iProd 0,1.

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More Verizon iPhone Rumors... In Time for WWDC?!

There's been a lot of noise lately about Verizon and the iPhone. Sure, some could be wishful thinking. Some could be to manipulate the ongoing Apple/AT&T negotiations. But could there be anything more to it?

We've heard rumors that an iPhone nano/lite/mini could be coming, and coming to Verizon alongside an iPhone-esque iTablet/iPad.

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Who Really Benefits from iPhone on Verizon Rumors?

Daring Fireball posted a tremendous article about how Verizon, AT&T, and Apple benefit if the rumors about an iPhone Lite and iPad media tablet on Verizon are true-ish (Gruber also looks at Apple's iPod strategy mapped to the iPhone -- go read it now, I'll wait).

What struck me, however, was how Verizon, AT&T, and Apple benefit from the rumors themselves rather than the actual devices and/or their eventual carriers, if any.

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Rumor: Verizon Getting Apple iPhone "Lite" and "Media Pad"?!

Drop one tiny Verizon rumor pebble into the pond, and watch the iRipples spread like crazy. Cases in point:

Business Week (via MacRumors) is reporting that Apple will introduce two (2) new devices on Verizon this year:

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Rumor: 3 New 3rd Generation iPhones Coming This Summer

Commercial Times is raising the bar on crazy rumors by claiming Apple will release not just one, not even two, but a whopping three new iPhones this summer.

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