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Iphone Nano

Next Gen iPhone Alert! We Have Front Facing Camera Video iChat Rumor!

This is not a drill! We finally have someone, likely with no actual knowledge of the engineering or design of the next gen iPhone, going on record as saying:

his sources indicate Apple is readying a new iPhone that will ship in June with an upgraded camera that could deliver big improvements to the iPhone experiences, including both still and video capabilities "with possibly another camera on the front for video chat."

iChat on the iPhone has been a perennial favorite among rumormeisters before every new launch, real and imagined, just like iPhone nano speculation. Speaking of which...

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Apple Defuses iPhone nano Rumors?

Also touched on briefly during Apple's Q1 conference call yesterday was the prospect of a low-end iPhone, and Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook was quick to dispel hopes of that (and of an iPhone nano?) as well (text via Macworld):

Tim: We're not going to build a low-end voice phone. Our objective is not to be unit share leader, it's to build the world's best phone.

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Rumor: iPhone Nano Coming in June... But NOT to the USA?

We're still considering these iPhone nano rumors to be way over on the far side of fetched, by they just keep on keeping on, so here's the latest (via MacRumors):

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iPhone Nano: Clamshell? Fadell's Revenge? TiPb of the Iceberg

We're coming up on MacWorld awfully quick now (TiPb will be there, natch) and so the rumors are flying. Expectations have been decidedly lower than in years past due to the absence of his Steveness, but there's one persistent rumor that just won't go away: the iPhone Nano.

The universal response to these rumors has pretty much been "Meh." Engadget wants to know what the deal is. Macrumors thinks that it's just case makers riding Apple rumor coattails. Gizmodo doesn't believe either.

The rumor won't die, though, so: what if it were true? What would an iPhone Nano look like?

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Vaja Making the Case for iPhone Nano?

Not to be outdone by the Apple media server rumors, the iPhone Nano rears its tiny mutant form again, this time on the website of case-maker Vaja. Does this add weight to the rumor, or simply volume? MacRumors rightly points out:

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Fake iPhone Nano Pics du Jour?

Blurry off-angle photo? Check. Recycled tag line? Check. Recycled hero artwork? Check. Photoshop? Check.

Yes, folks, Jon4Lakers appears to have iPhone Nano fakes just in time for Macworld? And could it be from the same fine folks who brought us the fake Mac Mini poster?

Sure, case makers have made iPhone Nano rumors all the rage again, but just shrinking down the screen's physical size making capacitive targets difficult for beefy fingers to hit doesn't make much sense, does it?

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Yet More iPhone Nano Rumors

A week ago we linked to a story that brought fresh iPhone Nano rumors to the foreground. Today those rumors are picking up a tiny bit of speed. Seems the folks who brought us leaked iPhone 3G and 4th gen iPod Nano cases are listing an iPhone Nano case.

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Return of the iPhone Nano Rumors

With Macworld fast approaching, the rumor rate should begin increasing exponential. iTablets will be hot once again, of course, as will the iPhone Nano. Says MacRumors:

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iPhone Nano Rumors Will Never Die...

...Just multiply! So says MacRumors, gossiping this time about a UK report that has Apple launching an iPhone Nano just in time for the holidays. But is anyone buying what the DailyMail is cooking?

Nope. Not even on coupon night. Though MacRumors does state the more sensical:

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Patent Watch: Apple Preparing for iPhone Nano?

First came the iPod, then came the iPod Nano. Well, okay, there was the intermediary Mini, but that's neither here nor there. Eventually -- and currently -- there was -- and is -- the Nano. So it should come as no surprise that ever since Steve Jobs dropped the iPhone bomb back at Macworld 2007, people (and analysts, who may still technically be people?) have been predicting an iPhone Nano.

And now some Apple patents have been revealed which may just bring it a few technical hurdles closer to being!

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