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Iphone Vs Android

Verizon Droid iDoesn't Beat iPhone on Browser, Apps, Multi-touch or User Interface

Did Verizon and Motorola forget to include a few things in their iDon't attack ads, like iDon't render web pages as slowly or badly, iDon't arbitrarily restrict the amount of apps users can install to 256MB, iDon't fail to implement multi-touch, and iDon't have a worse user experience.

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The Competition: Sony Ericsson Android UI

More big news for Android -- and no, not just HTC finally going 3.5mm with the headphone jacks -- but Sony Ericsson's new "Rachel" Android device and it's UI.

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Friday Fun Video: iPhone vs. Storm. vs. G1

Zara from M0bileChic sent in this video, comparing the Apple iPhone against the BlackBerry Storm and Google Android G1. It's fun, it's fair, and we can't let the CrackBerry.com commenters get the last word in so let her -- and us -- know what you think.

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What if Apple Killed Paid Apps for Unlocked/Developer iPhones? Google Android Did!

Apple decides which apps get approved for the iPhone/iPod touch App Store, provides little to no transparency on the process, prevents certain things like turn-by-turn GPS outright in the SDK agreement, and -- though they've yet to use them -- maintains black lists for GPS and malware that could remove any LocationServices or entire applications from iPhones everywhere. For this, and more, Apple has earned quite a bit of criticism -- and rightly so in many cases.

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Android vs. iPhone, Open vs. Closed, Love vs. Chocolate...

Our pal Casey over at Android Central, launching off the latest ruminations of GigaOm Malik, on the relative advantages and disadvantages of open source vs. proprietary software models, as straw-man'd into the current tech darlings from Google and Apple: the Android and the iPhone, says:

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Did the iPhone Outsell the Google Android G1 by 6 to 1?

Apple is set to announce their Q1 results at 5pm EST (2pm PST) and TiPb will bring you any and all iPhone related news that comes of it. In the meantime, analysts are saying that regardless of how well (or poorly?) the iPhone did during the holiday quarter, it did better than the Android G1. Quotes Apple Insider:

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Android vs. iPhone: Which Does a Better Job Syncing to the Cloud?

The Reviews of the Android G1 Phone on T-Mobile are out and the verdicts are generally as follows: Partly Cloudy1, but forecasting big things to come. We're not going to try to hit every point just yet, but there's one point where this "Sidekick for Grownups" has what appears to be a real advantage over everybody else: dead-simple cloud setup.

So compared to the iPhone, just how good is the setup on the G1? The answer is: Depends on whether or not you're a Gmail type of person.

Yeah, "depends" isn't exactly a clear answer, so follow us after the break for a bit more on whether the G1 is PIM Push Paradise compared to MobileMe's Mechanized Movement of information.

(1Sorry, could help myself with that pun)

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How Does Android Compare to the iPhone? Top 5 Wins and Losses

Sure, on the surface Google's Android seems more like a shot through the heart of Windows Mobile -- or the head of Palm's Linux-based OS 2.0 aspirations -- but while those platforms enjoy their own historical and market share, it's Apple's iPhone that has all the mind share of late. That means, despite Google's CEO being on the Apple Board of Directors, Google's Maps, Search, and other services having a prominent place on both devices, and -- let's face it -- Google's full on tech-crush for the iPhone -- no one is going to hesitate to pit the two systems head-to-head. Including us!

So, what advantages does each one have? What drawbacks? Here they are, in our opinion: the top five iPhone vs. Android Wins and Losses... after the break!

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