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Iphone Vs Android

iPhone remains a best-seller, despite -- and to spite -- carriers

Carriers have a love/hate relationship with the iPhone. They hate Apple's control (because they want that control for themselves) but love the money and customer-retention having the iPhone on their network brings them. Sprint's willingness to pay damn near all the money in their pockets, and delve into whatever passes for a corporate second mortgage, proves that that point.

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint sell Android because they want to. They sell iPhone because they have to.

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I for one welcome our new Android Instagrammers

Instagram for Android finally hit the Market Play Store yesterday -- check out our Instagram on Android vs. Instagram on iPhone shootout -- and the reaction by some in the iOS community was... decidedly negative. It was almost like a TV sitcom when the pristine private pool is suddenly, forcibly opened to the marauding masses. You know, like when AOL users finally got unrestricted internet access. (No doubt Android users would have felt them same way when Google+ opened up, had there been a flood...)

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Instagram for Android vs. Instagram for iPhone: Can you see the difference?

Instagram's developers hinted their new Android app might be better than their existing iPhone app. So is it, and if so, how?

While over 15 Million iPhone users have enjoyed the social photo sharing app, Instagram, for quite some time, just today Instagram for Android hit the Google Play Store. Over 430,000 Android users had registered to be notified about the app's release, and the developers even hinted it might back a few features iPhone users were without. So does it?

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HTC One X gets reviewed: The next generation of iPhone competition starts now

At 4.6-inches the new HTC One X is among the biggest new iPhone competitors, but are Android 4 and Sense 4 enough to make it one of the best?

Android Central has a complete HTC One X review up for your reading pleasure, along with a thorough Sense 4 walkthrough showing us everything that's new and exciting about what just might be, frankly the most exciting new phone from HTC since the Nexus One (notice the similarity in branding?)

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Apple, Google, and the value of iOS

Google continues to enjoy a unique position in the mobile space -- they make money off of pretty much every platform. If you use their own, freely licensed Android platform, they earn revenue off of advertising. If you use anyone else's platform, including Apple's iOS on the iPhone or iPad, Google still earns revenue off of advertising.

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HTML5 games run three times faster on Apple’s iOS than on Google's Android

Apple has long since been involved with the HTML5 development and a new study coming from cross-platform mobile game development tool maker, spaceport.io is suggesting they're much further ahead then the likes of Google and their Android operating system when it comes to HTML5 gaming.

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Chrome for Android vs. Safari for iPhone: Browser shootout

Google has just released the too-long-in-coming Chrome for Android browser, and Phil from Android Central immediately loaded it up on his Galaxy Nexus, sought out an iPhone 4S running Safari, and put them head-to-head, rendering-time-to-rendering-time, in a classic Mobile Nations browser show down.

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iOS devices combined -- including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch -- may have outsold Android devices combined -- including Android phones and tablets -- by a narrow margin last quarter. During the Q1 2012 Apple conference call today, Tim Cook pegged the iOS device number at 62 million. Android numbers are harder to come by, but last month Andy Rubin said 700,000 were now being activated a day. Given the prior two months were likely less, the following month perhaps more, it probably works out to 60 or 61 million.

During the same call, Tim Cook also revealed that the Amazon Kindle Fire had no affect on iPad sales, far he can tell. Sprint ultimately paid dearly to get the iPhone on their network in order to remain competitive. Verizon announced their results today, and revealed that slightly more than half of their smartphone sales were iPhones.

Apple has long dominated their competitors in terms of smartphone profit share but recently Android was assumed to have a big lead in market share. I've long discounted that, saying it's irrelevant.

And nothing that was announced today changes that.

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Tim Cook on Android, big screens, LTE, and not counting Microsoft out of mobile

While Apple CEO Tim Cook had a lot to say during the Apple Q1 2012 conference call, when asked about 4G LTE, bigger screen, and whether or not the mobile market had become a two-horse race between Android and iOS, Cook played his cards close to his chest.

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Apple share of smartphone market rises with iPhone 4S release

According to Nielsen, the amount of all smartphones running iOS -- namely the iPhone -- rose from 30% to 37% over the last 3 months, compared to the share of all smartphones running Android OS -- namely 8 googlezillion at last official count -- rose from 46.3% to 51.7%.

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