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Iphone Vs Blackberry

TiPb Presents... iPhone Live! #81 -- Back in BlackBerry!

Join Rene and Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry.com for Round Robin BlackBerry Bold2 and Storm2 vs. iPhone, mega iTablet, iPhone HD, and iPhone 4.0 rumors, and all the week's news and opinions. Listen in!

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Buh-Bye BlackBerry Say 12% of iPhone 3GS Buyers

Apple Insider reports that, based on a Piper Jaffray survey:

12% of consumers who visited a retail store this past weekend to make their iPhone 3G S purchase said they were replacing a BlackBerry handset, the latest sign that Apple continues to make headway against rival Research in Motion in the high-stakes smartphone market.

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People Want iPhones (Who'd Have Thunk it?)

We're not surprised. Obviously. Apple plays the product cycle and media hype engines to perfection. Still, it's interesting to see Electronista's take, based on ChangeWave data:

A mid-June study from the research group has 14.4 percent of those tracked looking to buy some kind of smartphone within the next 90 days, a record high and a large jump from 11.2 percent in March. Of these, a full 44 percent now plan to buy an iPhone compared to 30 percent just three months earlier.

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iPhone vs. BlackBerry Deathmatch

While the iPhone vs. Palm Pre is the current darling of the blogerati (we're not sure anyone in the mainstream is even aware of it...), we can't forget that most iconic of rivalries: iPhone vs. BlackBerry. Not when Infoworld has written up the provocatively titled: "Deathmatch: BlackBerry versus iPhone -- It’s time for us to bury the BlackBerry and move on to modern mobile -- even for e-mail".

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What If: RIM Released BlackBerry Connect for the iPhone?!

It's WWDC 2009. Steve or Phil or Scott or Joz or whomever is handling the heavy lifting for the iPhone 3.0 section and release-date announcement smiles and says -- "There's one more thing...

"Last year we showed you Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support. Nobody expected it, but we were blown away by the reception. This year, we're announcing BlackBerry Connect support for the iPhone. With this, not only can you chat with your team over BlackBerry Messenger, but you can push data right from your Corporate BES. And to tell us more about it, ladies and gentlemen, here's CrackBerry Kevin the Co-CEO of Research in Motion--"

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Comic vs. Comic: BlackBerry SKREEEEEEdition!

Yesterday CrackBerry Kevin had a little funny at TiPb's expense with their "Confessions" post of a Ruby Park strip. Fine. Two can play at that game. Above, via PvPonline, is the new official response to anyone bringing a BlackBerry into a "just works" place. B'okay?

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Friday Fun Video Revenge: Apple SMASH BlackBerry Bullet!

Remember that rejected -- and highly physically impossible -- video a few weeks back that CrackBerry.com was preening over? The one where a BlackBerry "bullet" tore through what was obviously a fake, tranquilized, like Waterloo fabricated Apple in a bizarre attempt to make the BlackBerry Storm less... Apple pwnd?

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Friday Fun Video: iPhone vs. Storm. vs. G1

Zara from M0bileChic sent in this video, comparing the Apple iPhone against the BlackBerry Storm and Google Android G1. It's fun, it's fair, and we can't let the CrackBerry.com commenters get the last word in so let her -- and us -- know what you think.

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U2 Ditches Apple for Dell... er... Palm... er... RIM?

We can just feel CrackBerry.com's Kevin preening over news: Biggest. Jump. Since. Mayer.

Yep, U2 has left the warm embrace of Apple (though Product Red iPods no doubt remain) for the harsh corporate sponsorship of RIM. Of course, they flirted briefly with Dell first, and Bono's Elevation Partners are huge backers of Palm -- though according to PreCentral.net they likely needed to spend their cash on far more serious things, like bringing the Pre to market... Still:

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