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Iphone Vs Windows Phone

iPhone or something else: Which phone should you get?

Just because Apple has released the new iPhone 5 doesn't mean you have to race off and get it. Crazy, I know, particularly coming from the biggest iPhone enthusiast site on the web, but that just goes to show you how true it is. When the time comes for you to get your next phone, whether it's today or next year, and iPhone or something else, you should look at what's on the market and decide what best suits your needs.

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Nokia tries to preempt iPhone 5 with amazing Lumia 920 camera, absolutely no launch details

Once news got out that Apple would be holding an iPhone event on September 12, every competitor and their platform partner scrambled to announce events ahead of time. Mostly. The first was Nokia's Windows Phone event this morning, which showed off the new flagship Nokia Lumia 920 with a brief nod to the mode budget-friendly Nokia Lumia 820. Daniel Rubino from our Mobile Nations sibling site, WPCentral was there live to catch all the actions.

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Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8, aims it head-on at iOS 6

As part of their Windows Phone Summit today, Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 8, the next generation of their next generation mobile phone operating system. Already surprisingly simple and elegant, Microsoft now seems ready to amp up the power and features. And a lot of them seem aimed squarely at Apple's upcoming iOS 6. Our Mobile Nations sibling site, WPCentral is live at the event, and here's what they've seen.

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Windows Phone projected to claim more market share than iOS in 2016

IDC announced the results of their quarterly smartphone research today, and found that worldwide, Android claimed 61% of the pie, followed by iOS with 20.5%, BlackBerry with 6.0%, and Windows Phone with 5.2%. The real shocker is that IDC projected a drop in iOS market share to 19% by 2016, and forecasted Windows Phone would claim just about as much as Apple with a 19.2% share.

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Post iPhone ergo propter iPhone

"Post hoc ergo propter hoc" is Latin for "after it, therefore because of it". That it comes from Latin should indicate how far back that particular fallacy can be traced. Yet ever since Apple launched the original iPhone in 2007, it has been the point of comparison for every flagship phone, from every manufacturer, on every carrier, that's followed. Just like "post hoc ergo propter hoc" isn't often true, "post iPhone ergo propter iPhone" isn't always true. Yet time after time, phone after phone, everything from hardware design to software features is taken as derived from, or as being a response to, the iPhone.

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Woz likes Windows Phone more than Android, thinks Steve Jobs was reincarnated at Microsoft

Apple's eccentric co-founder and longtime gadgetphile, Steve Wozniak, decided to get himself a shiny new Nokia Lumia 900 so he could have a bit of a play with Windows Phone and... he likes it. And this should surprise precisely no one. It's a great new phone and Woz tries every great new phone that comes off the assembly line (he has a chair reserved at the end of the conveyer belt, we're told).

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iPhone remains a best-seller, despite -- and to spite -- carriers

Carriers have a love/hate relationship with the iPhone. They hate Apple's control (because they want that control for themselves) but love the money and customer-retention having the iPhone on their network brings them. Sprint's willingness to pay damn near all the money in their pockets, and delve into whatever passes for a corporate second mortgage, proves that that point.

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint sell Android because they want to. They sell iPhone because they have to.

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Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone gets reviewed: This is what AT&T will push over the iPhone


h3>Nokia's Lumia 900 pairs out of this world hardware with elegant Windows Phone Mango release 2 software in a bid to become AT&T's next darling. But is it hot or not?

Among the very first, and certainly most comprehensive, Nokia Lumia 900 reviews comes our way courtesy of WPCentral's Daniel Rubino, and not surprisingly, he finds a lot of Windows Phone to love.

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Apple's iPhone prompted Windows Phone redesign

In speaking to the New York Times recently, the man running the show for the Windows Phone software team, Joe Belifore noted how Apple's iPhone prompted Windows Phone redesign and shaped the future of Microsoft's mobile operating system.

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Siri show and TellMe redux

Rene already commented on Microsoft's "We had TellMe before Apple had Siri" sob story, but it bears repeating:

It’s amazing how decades later, Microsoft still doesn’t get it. A feature isn’t just a feature isn’t just a feature. It’s more than the sum of its technology and design. Android had great voice control going back to the Nexus One. But Siri isn’t voice control. Siri is context and relationships and Siri is absolutely personality. That Apple programmed Siri to feel like a Pixar character is what made it engaging and what got the internet to flood itself with screenshots showing hundreds of funny, witty, strange, and engaging Siri moments. It isn’t that Siri can transcribe a text message to Eric, it’s how it does it and how you feel doing it.

Windows Mobile and others had touchscreens for years before Apple debuted the iPhone. Then and now, it wasn’t about the spec but the experience.

Keep that in mind while watching the video above.

Source: TechAU on YouTube

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