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From Safari Pad to iPhone and Back Again

Many of the latest rumors about the Apple iTablet/iSlate involve it being a large iPhone, or as Daring Fireball points out, the iPhone being a smaller version of an older Apple tablet project. Way back in June of 2007, the New York Times mentioned just that, and the tablet project was Safari Pad:

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BGR: No iPhone OS Updates Recently Because it Would Reveal Tablet Info?

The Boy Genius claims, based on info from a source who's proven reliable before, that we haven't gotten an iPhone OS update recently (oh, hai still missing iPhone 3.2!) because:

there’s too much tablet-related code/references in the OS and Apple obviously didn’t want that to leak.

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WSJ: Apple iTablet/iSlate to Ship in March, 2 Different "Material Finishes"

The Wall Street Journal is wading into that whole Apple iTablet/iSlate thing, saying:

Looking to build on the momentum of its iPhone and iPod, Apple Inc. will unveil a new multimedia tablet device later this month, but isn't planning to ship the product until March, say people briefed by the company.

Now for the weird part:

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Digital Daily Says Apple Media Event Now Set for Wednesday, Jan. 27

It's not the previously rumored Tuesday, Jan. 26, but Digital Daily is claming a "source in a position to know" has told them:

Apple (AAPL) is indeed planning a media event later this month at which the company will announce a major new product.

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Arment, Siracusa Weigh in on Apple iTablet

Previously we linked to Daring Fireball's John Gruber, who felt Apple was going redefine the personal computer with their (perhaps) upcoming iTablet/iSlate, and now Marco Arment of Tumblr and Instapaper, and John Siracusa of Ars Technica share their thoughts as well.

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2009 TiPb Editors' Choice Awards

Happy New Year and welcome to the iPhone blog's 2009 TiPb Editor's Choice Awards for the very best (in our opinion!) iPhone and iPod touch apps and accessories released in the last year!

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Daring Fireball Weighs in on Apple Tablet

Daring Fireball's John Gruber often "guesses" what Apple will be releasing, and those guesses are sometimes dead-on-accurate, but when it comes to the iTablet/iSlate, Gruber says Apple's invoked a full on pre-January 2007-like "cone-of-silence". Still he's written up an interesting estimate of what, in his opinion, and iTablet just might be:

I say they’re swinging big — redefining the experience of personal computing.

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #82 -- Android and Windows and Tablets... Oh, My!

Join Rene and special guests Phil Nickinson of Android Central and WMExperts and Keith Newman of the PalmCast Round Robin Android Droid and Hero vs. iPhone and Windows Phone HD2 and Touch Pro2 vs. iPhone, more iTablet, iPhone HD, and iPhone 4.0 rumors, and all the week's news and opinions. Listen in!

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Fox News "Confirms" Rumored Jan 26 Apple Event, Focusing on "Mobility"

Fox News' Clayton Morris is upping the ante on the rumored January 26 Apple Media Event, not only saying it's the real deal, but that it will focus on "mobility":

I've spoken to a source inside Apple who confirmed a "big" event for January. While nothing official has been handed down from the notoriously tight-lipped company, my source took the Financial Times report one step further by saying this event will focus on the mobility space, meaning we'll see something related to the iPhone/iPod touch product line.

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Former Chief Chinese Googler Leaks iTablet/iSlate Gossip?

According to Chinese former chief-Googler, Lee Kai-fu, who apparently is well connected with Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn, the upcoming iTablet/iSlate looks like a giant iPhone with:

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