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James Bond: World of Espionage coming soon to the App Store

A new James Bond mobile game is currently in the works and is expected to be released soon. Titled James Bond: World of Espionage, the title tasks players with building their own MI6 faction with top agents and unique talents. Sounds like a blast, right?

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All 23 official James Bond movies can be yours for just $99.99 on iTunes

James Bond fans who haven't yet bought the 23 official films — that's everything from Dr. No to Skyfall, not including the original Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again — might want to check iTunes right now — Bond 50: The Complete 23 film collection just went on sale for only $99.99.

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The TV Show 7: Would be Bonds

The TV Show is like app or game reviews for television episodes. Whether you're watching on the console in your living room or streaming to your phone or tablet, follow along for the week of TV that was. On this episode Dave and Rene talk about presidential bait and switches on 24 and the dive into the full 4 episode run of the BBC's Fleming: The Man Who Would be Bond.

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Review 2: James Bond and Skyfall

So join Georgia, Dieter Bohn, Serenity Caldwell, Guy English, Dave Wiskus, and me as we talk Skyfall. From Aston Martins to ass-kickings, cinematography to sex, meta to misogyny, gadgets to gaffs, we're nerding out over, and nitpicking, Bond. James Bond.

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