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Lets Talk Iphone

Whatever happened to iPhone 5?

9to5Mac posted some thoughts on what they think happened with the more ambitious iPhone 5 update that some were expecting to be announced at Apple's Lets Talk iPhone event earlier this month.

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iPhone Live 173 & 174: Let's talk iPhone

A double feature this week as we did both live commentary and color of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event with Rene, Georgia, Seth, Phil Nickinson of Android Central and Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry.com, then came back later for a full on post-game show with Rene, Georgia, and Seth. That's close to 4 hours of iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iCloud, and Siri-powered goodness for your listening-- and viewing! -- pleasure! This is iPhone Live! (Twice!)

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Let's Talk iPhone 4S: What we didn't get

The Let's Talk iPhone event is now over and we officially have the iPhone 4S, Siri, iOS 5, iCloud, and several other cool new features to be excited about.

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Apple posts three new videos to YouTube covering iPhone 4S, Siri and iCloud

Apple has posted three of the videos it used in yesterdays "Let's Talk iPhone" event to YouTube. The three videos are "Introducing iPhone 4S" which covers the features and benefits of the iPhone 4S, "Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S" which demos the Siri voice assistant features and finally "Introducing iCloud". The three videos are embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Source: YouTube


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TiPb Asks: So what did you think of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event?

That's it TiPb Nation, Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event is all over now but the celebrating and complaining the triumph and the tragedy.

Yes, as much as it pains me to say it, TiPb was right on with the story this time -- iPhone 4S. (Shakes fists at Rene and Apple!)

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Poll: Are you getting an iPhone 4S?

Are you getting an iPhone 4S?

Simple poll for a complex question -- Are you getting an iPhone 4S? Apple has introduced it, you've seen their Let's Talk iPhone song and dance, you've watched the demos, you know the score. Have you already decided to hit the order button or go line up? Are you waiting on reviews to see how it really matches up against the competition? Or is this simply not the new iPhone you were looking for?

Vote in the poll and then please share your thoughts as to why in the comments below!

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Infinity Blade 2 announced, arrives December 1st

Seemingly repeating the steps of last year, Epic games has just announced Infinity Blade 2 for iOS just in time for the holiday season. While on stage demoing Mike Capps from Epic made to sure to let everyone know what they'll be bringing with Infinity Blade 2:

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Apple updates iPod nano and iPod touch product lines

The iPod nano and iPod touch lines have now been refreshed. The iPod nano will now have built in sensors to make the fitness experience even better. You won't need any additional adapters or software. Icons are also a bit bigger to make navigation easier. It'll come in seven different colors and you can choose between an 8GB capacity ($129) and a 16GB capacity ($149). It will even have 12 new watch faces -- including Mickey Mouse -- for those who want to strap it to their wrists!

The iPod touch line will also see the addition of a white model. The models will remain the same capacity wise - 8, 32, and 64GB with the following price points -

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Apple announces iPhone 4S

As expected, Apple today announced iPhone 4S, their fifth generation iPhone that looks exactly the same on the outside but is all new on the inside.

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Apple announces location sharing app, Family and Friends

During Apple's Let's talk iPhone event, Apple announced their new location sharing app, Family and Friends.

With Family and Friends, you can share you location with other iOS 5 users. You can set the sharing time to be temporary and the location sharing will stop automatically at the end of the day. It also comes with simple privacy controls and parental restrictions.

During the Keynote, Eddie Cue used an example of using Family and Friends while at Disneyland as a way to keep track of everyone in your group.

Who's excited to start stalking sharing your location? Anyone planning to use this as a method of keeping track of your kids?

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