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Samsung and patent settlements: Why pay for the cow when you can have the milk for free?

In the wake of HTC settling their patent litigation with Apple, likely by agreeing to pay a per-handset licensing fee to Apple, Samsung has come out and said they won't be doing likewise any time soon. That, according to J.K. Shin of Samsung Mobile.

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Apple licenses icon Swiss national railway clock for iPad app

Apple has come to an agreement with the Swiss national railway to license their iconic, minimalist white, black, and red design for the iOS 6 Clock app for iPad, according to a press release issued by the SBB (translated by Google):

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Apple offered Samsung $30 per smartphone, $40 per tablet patent license

In 2010, Apple proposed to Samsung a patent licensing deal for $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet. Unsurprisingly, Samsung turned down the offer, as it likely would have cost them nearly a quarter billion dollars annually.

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European Union seeking changes to music licensing laws that stifle online music stores

The European Union is seeking changes to current music licensing rules that prevent companies such as Apple with its iTunes Store from easily setting up an EU-wide online music store. If the ruling gets passed, it could force music royalty-collection societies to pass their revenue streams to their rivals if they fail to license music to online services in multiple countries. Bloomberg. reports:

Music copyright licenses are granted on a national basis in the EU so consumers can only download music from an iTunes store in their home country. The EU has sought to promote pan-European licensing for years, and the commission issued an antitrust decision in 2008 against national agencies that collect royalties on behalf of artists.

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Apple claims Motorola used FRAND patents to try an extort cross-licensing deal

According to some EU court documents, Motorola and Apple had talked about hashing out a licensing deal in late 2011. Given their rough and ongoing patent battles, it's no surprise to hear Apple claim in the documents that their "refusal to accede to this demand led Motorola Mobility to sue Apple in an attempt to exclude Apple’s products from the market.”

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Apple reportedly asked for $5 - $15 per device to settle Android patent dispute

Rumor has it that Apple had offered a settlement with an unnamed smartphone manufacturer to license patents for $5 - $15 per device (which worked out to 1% - 2.5% of the total device price). Apple is making ground in its ongoing patent battle with Motorola, but apparently head-to-head litigation isn't the only route they're willing to take.

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iTablet to Have Gaming, be US-Only on Launch? Playing "Come see our latest creation" Guest List Detective!

Going all Mentalist on Apple's Jan. 27 "Come see our latest creation" invitee list has led to conjecture that gaming will be shown off for the iTablet/iSlate, but that perhaps the hardware itself will be US-only at launch.

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