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Fido lights up LTE in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s

Canada's Fido network has just announced that LTE is now live and streaming ultra-fast data in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s. Their first device will be a mobile hotspot, but given the new iPad is carrier unlocked and LTE ready, and that the rumored iPhone 5 is rumored to have an LTE radio, it's not hard to imagine more options for Apple mobile device owners in the near future.

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Why an LTE iPhone 5 won’t be a very attractive proposition for UK consumers

There has been a lot of talk over how the iPhone 5 will be a major upgrade from the current iPhone 4S. Consistent rumors point to not only a taller screen but most importantly an LTE radio. What is LTE and why does it matter? LTE in very basic terms is a mobile data technology that offers very fast data. Imagine if you will, downloading data onto your iPhone at a something like 50Mbit/s in real world situations and you’re getting the gist

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iMore show 307: What if Google had never made Android?

Rene, Georgia, and Seth talk iMore Forums apps, Kenny the Clown, LTE iPhones, AT&T FaceTime face-palms, the iPad mini, and what iOS would be like if Google had never made Android? This is the iMore show!

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Everything Everywhere getting early LTE in the UK, but will they get an LTE iPhone to go with it?

While the UK is way ahead when it comes to angry chefs yelling at people on TV, so far their LTE deployment has been anything but speedy. However, Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, has been granted a license by Ofcom to start deploying LTE on 1800MHz -- this September. If that time frame sounds familiar, it's because it's also the rumored time frame for the iPhone 5 announcement. Coincidental? Maybe, but it would put Everything Everywhere well ahead of rivals O2 and Vodafone, who are still waiting on an oft-delayed spectrum auction before they can even begin their LTE rollouts.

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Why an LTE iPhone will mean the most to Verizon

If Apple ships the next iPhone with support for fast LTE 4G networks, as rumors have suggested for a while, Verizon will be one of the networks that benefits the most. The current iPhone 4S is a mixed bag for Verizon, the slowest iPhone on the fastest network, but the next one won't be, and that will make a huge difference.

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Longer, more powerful battery for iPhone 5 purportedly gets sneak-peeked

If the new iPhone is going to do more than all iPhones before it, including LTE 4G networking and a bigger 4-inch, 16:9 screen, and not run out of juice faster, it's going to need a more powerful battery. And a more powerful battery is just what the latest round of parts leaks purport to show off.

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iPhone 5 preview: 4G LTE networking

iMore learned back in March that the next iPhone would have 4G LTE networking. We’ve seen a pretty clear history of Apple integrating technology from the spring iPad release into the summer/fall iteration of the iPhone for the past few years. Last year, that included the A5 processor, 512MB of memory, and 64GB of storage. This year, it seems almost certain it will include LTE.

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Verizon introduces 4G LTE to 33 more markets

Verizon over the past few months now has become quite aggressive in in rolling out 4G LTE to the masses. Most recently, they've gone ahead and announced 33 new markets that will go live today, July 19th. That's great news for LTE iPad owners who'll now enjoy faster, better download speeds in a plethora of new locations.

With the impending release of the iPhone 5, rumored to have LTE as well, the choice of carriers will be tougher this year if LTE coverage is on your list of concerns. The full list of new and expanded coverage area for Verizon can be found below.

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LTE rollouts continue throughout the U.S. and Canada for Verizon, AT&T, and Rogers iPads

If you're the proud owner of an LTE iPad then you likely follow the news of LTE rollouts as they happen. More markets mean more chances you'll be covered, after all. Verizon is constantly updating their LTE coverage areas and today have announced a bunch of new LTE markets around Georgia and New York. AT&T is still playing catchup in Florida, Texas, and New York. Rogers, meanwhile, is pledging 28 new markets in Canada by 2013.

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Verizon killing off unlimited plans with new LTE device purchases

Verizon's CFO Fran Shammo mentioned at the J.P. Morgan Technology, Media, and Telecom conference recently that anyone migrating from 3G to 4G devices won't be able to grandfather in their old unlimited plan and will have to instead take a data share plan scheduled to launch this summer.

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