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T-Mobile HSPA+ network upgrade promises iPhone support

T-Mobile recently announced the details of their plans to upgrade to LTE in 2013 thanks to a chunk of the 1900 MHz spectrum they earned through the busted-up AT&T deal. Those upgrades will also include enhancements on HSPA+, which should support the iPhone.

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Sprint confirms that unlimited data will stay unlimited, even if next iPhone has LTE

Sprint has confirmed that it will still offer an unlimited data plan for the next generation iPhone. There was some doubt that the unlimited data would remain, especially if the iPhone 5 has the expected LTE radio.

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Verizon expands LTE coverage through New York state, Georgia, and elsewhere

Verizon has just announced that they're expanding their LTE network to a bunch of new areas across the U.S. In New York, the Buffalo-Niagara area has 28 new LTE towers, while Cattaraugus-Alleghany counties are getting their first taste of 4G on Thursday.

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AT&T lights up LTE in Bloomington, Muncie, and Bryan-College Station

AT&T is slowly but surely -- very slowly but very surely, it seems -- expanding their LTE (Long Term Evolution) rollout to include Bloomington and Muncie Indiana, and Bryan-College Station Texas. (Google Maps them!)

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Rogers 4G LTE goes live in Calgary and Halifax

Add Calgary, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia to the list of places you can get blisteringly fast 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Rogers networking on your new iPad.

Rogers LTE network now reaches close to 12 million people or one third of the Canadian population. By the end of the year, it will reach nearly 60 per cent.

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New iPad owners in Australia scorned by false 4G LTE advertising offered refund

Apple has quickly responded to the accusations that they're misrepresenting the new iPad in Australia as 4G-capable by offering misled buyers a refund on their device.  That's not much of an offer, considering they're all within their 30-day return window, but a sensible answer to those that are unhappy that they can't get LTE access on their new iPads.

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Apple taken to court over claims of false 4G LTE iPad advertising in Australia

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission is going after Apple for advertising the new iPad as 4G capable, even though it's not compatible with their networks. The ACCC says they're after "injunctions, pecuniary penalties, corrective advertising and refunds to consumers affected" in this case.

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The new iPad is also the ultimate mobile hotspot: It can run 24 hours straight when tethering LTE

The Verizon version of the new iPad can run 25.3 hours straight with the LTE hotspot feature enabled, according to recent testing. Though this was done on the Verizon model, we've enjoyed similar results on our new iPad running on the Rogers network.

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Only 6% of iPad sessions on cell networks, even LTE iPads spend most time on Wi-Fi

Localytics has recently compiled some of their data through apps, and has concluded that only 6% of iPad sessions are made through a cellular network of some kind. They've also figured out that 89.7% of iPads out there are Wi-Fi-only, while 1.5% are the LTE-enabled new iPads. Even among new iPads, only 36% of the sessions are using 4G LTE.  It's worth noting that the new iPad just went on sale in a lot of countries today, though other studies show that the U.S. takes up the lion's share of app activity.

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New iPhone (iPhone 5,1) coming fall 2012 with LTE, similar sized screen

While Apple has only just released the new iPad, iMore has already started to hear more about the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5,1). We previously reported that Apple was working to reduce the size of the traditional 30-pin dock connector to something closer akin to a micro-dock so there'd be more room inside for other components (similar to how they went from a mini-SIM to a micro-SIM in 2010). Yesterday we reported that, as of last month, Apple was planning to stick with the current 3.5-inch screen size for the new iPhone, but that it wasn't set in stone and it could get a little bigger (though nowhere near as big as current 4.5-inch-plus Android phones.)

Following that story we received some additional information.

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