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Microsoft may be close to launching a Power BI app for the iPhone and iPad

A new report says that Microsoft is planning to launch a version of its Power BI business intelligence tool for the iPhone and iPad, in what could be just the latest example of the company launching products and services beyond its Windows platform.

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Microsoft OneNote for iPhone and iPad will finally sync in the background

Microsoft has pushed out a small, but not unimportant update to its OneNote applications for iPhone and iPad. In the process it fixes one of the more irritating issues, because now we're finally given background sync! OneNote has had a tendency to be somewhat slow syncing your notebooks between device and cloud, but that should all be a thing of the past.

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Enough with the ludicrous Surface 3 Pro attack ads, Microsoft

I feel bad for Microsoft. I really do. And their latest Surface Pro 3 attack ad highlights just exactly why.

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Microsoft updates its SNIPP3T iPhone app with a new iOS 8 widget and more

Microsoft has updated its iPhone SNIPP3T that it launched a few months ago. The app, which offers users a way to keep track of their favorite celebrities with a stream of headlines and social media updates, now supports iOS 8 with a new widget.

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Dropbox support coming to Office for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has teamed up with Dropbox to offer the users of the version of Office for iPad, along with the free version of Office for iPhone users, a quick way to both save and sync their documents and files on their Dropbox cloud storage account. The new feature will be added in an update that's due out in the next few weeks.

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Microsoft on the Apple attack again with Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 ad

Apple's products get almost as much coverage in Microsoft ads these days as they do in Apple's own, and this latest effort is no exception. The newest spot features the MacBook Air and the new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. While short, it's not quite so ridiculous as some previous ads, and does at least focus more on the actual strengths of the device in question.

But it leaves out anything related to the respective operating systems.

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Microsoft releases new Outlook for Mac

Microsoft has released the latest version Outlook for Mac, complete with a new design that's ready for OS X Yosemite. The new Outlook has several performance and speed improvements and new features, including faster email downloads and Exchange Web Services syncing.

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The next version of Office for Mac might launch in the first half of 2015

Newly-leaked Microsoft presentation documents show that the company is planning to launch Office 16 for Mac sometime in the first half of 2015 and that it wants to give those users software features that will be similar to the ones found on the Windows version.

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Microsoft announces new SDKs for Android and iOS, teams up with IFTTT, others

Microsoft today announced a wealth of new functionality for its Office 365 suite that will enable developers to add a number of new features to Android and iOS applications.

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Screenshots showing Microsoft's Outlook 16 for OS X reportedly leaked

Screenshots that allegedly show what Microsoft's next major version of Outlook might look like with OS X have made their way onto the Internet, showing off some moderate user interface changes.

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