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Return of the iPhone 3.0 Direct Movie + TV Show Download Rumors!

In keeping with last week's crazy screen rumor that iPhone 3.0 would add movie and TV show direct, on-device downloads to the current music and audio and video podcast downloads, Apple Insider reports that they have:

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Will Hulu Hurt Apple's iTunes Offerings?

Maybe, in that news of Disney joining up with Hulu to offer even more free, advertising supported television and movie content via the web, could reduce the amount of people in the US who choose to pay for that same content, ad-free for rental or purchase via iTunes. However, there are some other factors involved that Business Week isn't addressing:

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iTunes Genius Now Smart Enough for Movies and TV Shows

Looked at our iTunes and what did we see? Genius enabled for Movies and TV. For those playing along at home, Apple first pre-announced this feature before making iTunes 8.1 available for download, then removed it just moments before the download went live, then said it wasn't quite ready, and now has unleashed it on the world.

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Apple Releases HD Movie Purchases in iTunes

The word has gone out: Apple is now allowing you to do more than just rent movies in HD, they're letting you buy them. You're looking at spending a bit extra for the HD version - $19.99 to be precise. They're pushing preorders for a few movies (Quantum of Solace and Twilight) but there are also a few you can buy right now (Saw V, for example. Sadists rejoice!).

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Want to Stream Your iTunes Videos Directly to Your iPhone? Enter iTunes Replay Rumor!

Even if we get a 32GB iPhone this year, that will still limit the amount of big, blobby iTunes movie content we can carry around with us. Sure, maybe 20 movies at 1GB each is doable, but as video and sound quality increase towards the HD, and collections grow and grow, the ability to stream content to mobile devices becomes key.

So it's not too surprising Apple Insider reports iTunes Replay is looking to provide just such a streaming service:

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TV Killed the iTunes Movie Catalog

Earlier this week, Macworld cried foul over some movies that appeared to be disappearing from the iTunes Store. There was no apparent pattern as the movies were all released by different studios. I checked a few of them in the Canadian Store, and they were still there...

So what was up?

CNet did some investigating, and it turns out we -- once again -- have big media to thank for our poor user experience:

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Apple iTunes: Top Apps of 2008

Apple has put up a special iTunes page showing off the top free and top paid apps of 2008. In addition to the overall standings, Apps are also broken out according to categories like Games, Entertainment, Music, Utilities, and Social Networks.

Koi Pond leads the paid apps while Facebook owns the free. To see the complete list, head on over to iTunes.

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Joost: Want Free Streaming Movies and Media on Your iPhone?

Joost, from the P2P masters who brought us Skype and Kasaa, went from hyper-anticipated start-up to barely whispered almost-forgotten in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Well, according to Gizmodo, they're back baby, and with free WiFi streaming movies and media to sweeten the deal -- if only slightly:

It's kind of crashy, could use a better navigation UI and takes too long for movie streams to get going (and then when they do it's kind of finicky) but we definitely appreciate being to stream The Fifth Element over Wi-Fi in decent quality, when it actually gets going. More than anything though, it just makes us soak our pillow with even more drool dreaming of a Hulu app.

So, is the free-ness worth the -- what might just be growing -- pain? Think Joost has something here? If you try it out, let us know!

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Tip o' the Week: iPhone Cinema

You are traveling and have a long flight ahead of you. You aren't feeling very social and the last thing you want is to get into a conversation with the person next to you who just happens to have a great multi-level marketing opportunity for you. 

It's late at night and you can't sleep. Your significant other has already called it a night and you're bored out of your mind.

In both scenarios above, you desperately want to catch up on your DVD backlog, but who has the time? Well, read on for this week's Tip on how to turn your iPhone into your very own silver screen!

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iTunes Movies Come to Canada and the UK!

Long the [out-of-wedlock] stepchildren of the iTunes experience, Canada and the UK got some small measure of love a while back with the addition of TV shows, albeit primarily local and cable fare, like CBC and BBC respectively. But where were our movies? What about our (pricey) Apple Take 2 rentals?

Today Apple finally bestowed cinema on her Majesties loyal subjects, home and commonwealth alike:

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