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Want a chance to win 1 of 4 new iPads?

iMore has teamed up with the amazing folks at Scout to give away FOUR new iPads (with 16GB & WiFi) featuring Retina Display, iSight camera, & more! You can enter for your chance to win over one our iMore Facebook Page, and you can get more chances to win by sharing with your friends.

The contest starts now and ends May 21, 2012 at 11:59pm PDT so don't waste any time -- Enter now!

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New iPad available in India, South Africa and seven more countries from today

Apple will roll out the new iPad to nine more countries starting from today. This is the third phase of new iPad launches and will see it now available in a total of forty six countries.

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Pad & Quill Contega for the new iPad review

The Pad & Quill Contega case for the new iPad updates their spectacular iPad 2 case for Apple's third generation tablet. Granted, it's not a major change -- they've teased that will come soon enough -- but it does make the adjustments necessary to get an already fabulous case working on the latest iPad. That makes this review really simple: if you loved the Contega on your iPad 2, you'll love it on your new iPad. If you didn't try it on your previous iPad, or this is your first iPad, and you're a fan of the moleskin look and feel, then you're in for a real treat.

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Apple investigating new iPad Wi-Fi problems, will replace problematic units

According to a leaked internal AppleCare document, Apple is currently investigating Wi-Fi problems with the new iPad. The issues appear to relate to problems with not only poor Wi-Fi speeds but also connection drops and in some cases the inability to even see a particular network.

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All I would have wanted was a faster iPad

I've mentioned this several times already on the iPhone & iPad Live podcast, in the new iPad round-table, and on Twitter, but I wanted to get something up here as well. The Retina display is great, but I'm not a designer or a photographer and I still read more on a computer and on paper than I do on my iPad. I have a Wi-Fi iPad so LTE isn't a consideration for me. Dictation is great and will make a huge difference to people who prefer to, or need to, talk rather than type. But for me, none of that is truly compelling. For me, instead of supporting a double density display or a faster network, I would have loved the extra power of that Apple A5X chipset and that extra RAM to do one thing and one thing only -- make my iPad faster.

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How to play your favorite Facebook games on your new iPad

If you've got a new iPad you're probably already aware of how great of an experience gaming is on it. But what about those Facebook games that you're addicted to that may be Flash based? Odds are, you'll be able to enjoy those on your new iPad too.

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Apple debunks iPad overcharging, explains how charging works

Apple Vice President of iPad Marketing, Michael Tchao, has set the record straight on allegations that the new iPad either fails to report the proper charge level, or over-charges and risks damage if left charging for too long. Speaking with AllThingsD, Tchao explained:

That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like. It’s a great feature that’s always been in iOS.

Ina Fried goes on to explain:

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How to create and accept calendar invitations on your new iPad

Your new iPad is a great way to stay organized and focused on the activities and events that matter to you most. The built in Calendar app has a lot of great features and tools to help you create, edit, manage, and share your schedule, including event invitations.

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Wi-Fi version of the new iPad cleared for sale in China

Though Apple hasn't announced when (or if) the new iPad will be coming to China, the Wi-Fi model has recently passed through the China Quality Certification Center.

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The new iPad (2012) community report card

By now you've read our highly detailed iMore new iPad review, and the reality-checking Mobile Nations new iPad round-table, so there's only one part of our trifecta left -- your take. That's right, the most important thing at the end of the day is what you, the iMore community thinks of the new iPad. How does Apple's latest tablet meet your expectations and serve your needs. To find out and to give you your say, we ran several polls and you started several forum threads.

Here are the results to date.

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