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Oculus VR founder says MacBooks are not powerful enough to run its Rift headset

Oculus VR founder and CEO Palmer Luckey stated in a new interview that current and future MacBooks won't have the GPU performance needed to run the company's Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

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OS X development for the Oculus Rift VR headset is currently on hold

Oculus VR has put OS X and Linux development for its upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on hold, in order to concentrate its efforts on the Windows platform.

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Never mind the Apple Watch: Where's Apple Glass?

Wearables. We hear a lot about wearables, and Apple's staged to make a big entrance in 2015 with the release of the Apple Watch. In the interim, other companies are making plays in another segment of the wearables market: glasses. Google may have gone to ground for a bit to rework its Glass product, but Microsoft is charging full speed ahead with HoloLens and Facebook last year acquired Oculus VR, makers of the Rift headset. Where's Apple in all this?

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Vector 35: Native apps vs. web apps and what comes next!

Live from Macworld|iWorld 2014 Rene talks to Don Melton, former director of internet technology at Apple, and Matt Drance, former Apple evangelist, about web apps, native apps, hybrid apps, CarPlay, Oculus rift, and what comes next!

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Facebook goes all in on the Oculus Rift, buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

The Oculus Rift is an amazing piece of technology and the company behind it all, Oculus VR, has become a leader in the immersive virtual reality space with a ton of attention being sent their way and it’s about to increase Oculus has now announced an agreement to be acquired by Facebook.

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The new rules of the interface — virtual reality and motion tracking at CES 2014

CES 2014 was jam-packed with all sorts of crazy stuff, but one of the many distinct themes at the show was the evolution of interfaces by way of virtual reality and touchless sensors. VR has been an unfulfilled pipe dream for too long, but when we start seeing concrete products that just might actually work, it’s hard for even the jaded among us to not get a little giddy.

Given, neither VR nor motion tracking are especially new in the world of computing, but a post-Kinect generation of consumer-friendly motion-sensing products is inching ever-closer to the mainstream. These trends stand to shift (or at least supplement) the finger-friendly direction gadgets have been on for the last couple of years, and may potentially interrupt the entrenched mouse-and-keyboard habits of a whole generation.

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John Carmack leaves Id Software; goes full time at Oculus

The words "John Carmack" and "Id Software" are practically synonymous with each other; Carmack is a company co-founder and the legendary game programmer behind the 3D engine technology used in Doom, Quake, Rage and their various sequels. But those days have come to an end, for Carmack has resigned his position as tech director at Id Software, according to Gamasutra.

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Id co-founder John Carmack joins VR headset maker Oculus VR as CTO

VR headset maker Oculus VR on Wednesday announced that John Carmack, the co-founder of Id Software and a pioneer in 3D game development, has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer.

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Could your next iPhone work with the Oculus Rift VR headset? CEO says yes

Oculus Rift is the virtual reality headset from Oculus VR that's managed to take the gaming world by storm even though it's not officially on sale yet. It's a Head Mounted Display (HMD) that lets you play your favorite games in 3D. Now the company's CEO says that next-generation smartphones are a target platform for his device, which is coming in 2014.

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