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Everything you need to know about Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing

Apple's Photo Stream service is split into two parts. The first part conveniently saves your personal photos to iCloud and wirelessly syncs them between your devices. The second part, now known as iCloud Photo Sharing, lets you create shared Photo Streams that other iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac owners can view, comment on, and optionally add their own photos to. Both parts of Photo Stream make handling images easier and more convenient than ever. So, how does it all work?

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How to interact with shared Photo Streams on iPhone and iPad

Share Photo Streams make it possible for you to share, like, and comment on photos with friends and family around the world.

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How to instantly share photos using Family Sharing for iPhone and iPad

You can instantly share photos with members of your Family Sharing group, just like iTunes purchases. Here's how!

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How to download Photo Stream images on your Mac without iPhoto

Until iCloud Photo Library makes its official debut on the Mac with the all-new Photos app next spring, the only way to access those images on OS X is via the Web app. Of course, if it's just the most recent images you want to see on your Mac, you can always view your Photo Stream on iPhoto; it downloads the last 1000 images you've taken or uploaded on any iCloud-connected device.

But if you'd prefer not to open iPhoto every time you want to view, download, or share the latest picture from your iOS device, there's an easier way: Myphotostream.

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How to unsubscribe from a shared Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad

iCloud Photo Sharing lets you share photos with other people and also lets them share photos with you. So, you can share experiences from an event, collaborate on a project, and all without having to individually message photos back and forth. The downside is, of course, you might discover you're not really interested in that many photos from that many people, and the notifications that go with them. In that case, you can easily remove yourself from any shared Photo Stream in just a few taps.

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How to delete photos from Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad

The original Photo Stream service automatically saves your last 1,000 photos or 30 days of photos and syncs them across all your Apple devices. Since Photo Stream doesn't count against your iCloud storage, you might think you don't have to worry about deleting them. However, every once and a while a photo might slip in that your definitely don't want syncing between your devices. If and when that happens, you can easily delete the photo from Photo Stream, and that will not only remove it from all devices, but in the case of the new iCloud Photo Library service, delete it permanently as well.

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How to delete a shared Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad

If you create a shared Photo Stream and later decide you want to get rid of it, it's easy to delete. Not only does deleting it remove the shared Photo Stream from your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac, it will also completely remove it from the devices of anyone and everyone you shared it with.

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How to like or comment on photos in a shared Photo Stream

A shared Photo Stream is a more private way to share a collection of photos with just a specific set of people. This makes it convenient for times when you may not want to post photos on social media, or you want people that don't have Facebook or another service to have access. And just like social media posts, you and others can even like or comment on each other's photos, just in a more private setting.

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How to delete photos from a shared Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad

iCloud Photo Sharing lets you share photos with friends, family, and anyone else by creating a shared Photo Stream. Once you add photos, your subscribers can like or comment on them — and even add their own images, if you give them permission. But what if you want to delete a picture later on? Here's how you can remove it from the shared stream and your subscribers' devices.

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How to add or remove people from shared Photo Streams on iPhone and iPad

Here's how to effortlessly add or remove people from your shared Photo Streams on your iPhone and iPad!

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