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How often should the App Store ask for your iTunes password? [Poll]

How often should the App Store ask for your iTunes password?

When you buy an app or game in the App Store, book in the iBookstore, or music, movies or TV shows in iTunes, you're asked for your iTunes password before the transaction goes through and the download begins. That's important when there's money involved. As the great Smurf berry scandal of 2011 taught us, you can never be too careful when it comes to preventing unintentional or unauthorized purchases -- that's why Apple now requires a password for every in-app purchase. But what about when there's no money on the line? What about when you're not buying something but just downloading a free app or game, or free song or feature? Should iTunes still ask for your password? What about when you're simply updating an app or game? Should iTunes ask then?

Some people, really security conscious people, would probably prefer iTunes ask for a password any time it does anything, always. Better safe than sorry. Who knows who could be using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad after all, from a friend to a colleague to a spouse to a child to a friend's colleague's spouse's child. You really want to risk $100 in Hello Kitty apps suddenly showing upon your Home screen?

Other people, really convenience-oriented people, would probably like iTunes to ask for a password as little as possible. Maybe never. If you're the only one who ever uses your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, and it never leaves a place you control, then why should you be bothered by having to enter in a password every time an app has a minor bug fix update?

Personally, I'd like a choice (big surprise, right?) Give me a Settings option for "always ask", or "only ask for paid transactions". I don't think "never ask" is safe, so I'm fine with that not being there. What about you? How often do you think iTunes should ask for your password?

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How's the battery life on your new iPad?

Now that you've had some time to get used to your new iPad, how long is it lasting you? Our review shows that we've got about 9 hours of usage on the LTE model, and that's consistent with Apple's listed lifespan, as well as the results found in AnandTech's testing.

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What do you think of your new iPad? [Poll]

What do you think of your new iPad?

So what do you think of your new iPad? Whether you waited by the door for UPS or FedEX, or waited in line like iMore and Mobile Nations, if you scored a new iPad today we want to know what you think of it!

Did it blow you away and make you think you were finally holding the future in your hands? Was it better than you expected your eyes not believing the quality of the Retina display or LTE speeds? Was it just what you expected, no more, no less? Did it disappoint you in some way? Or was it just simply the worst thing Apple ever spat from their cauldron?

We want to hear your take, so vote in the poll up top and then jump into our iPad forum reviews thread and give us your full take.

(Who knows, if you say something just so completely spot on, we might even have to quote you in the official iMore review!)

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How is your battery life and performance with iOS 5.1? [Poll]

iOS 5.1 has been out for several days now, so it's time to ask -- how's it working for you? Did it fix any bugs or battery life issues you were having with iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? Did it make performance better on your older original iPad or iPhone 3GS? Did any of the new features like even faster camera access and Photo Stream photo deletion make you life easier?

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So are you getting a new iPad?

Are you getting an iPad?

As part of their iPad event today, Apple announced their super sweet new iPad. While some may be lining up next week or pre-ordering today, some may prefer to go for a discounted iPad 2 or keep their existing model. We want to know what everyone in the iMore nation thinks of the new iPad. Will you be picking one up?

Just like the iPhone 4S, the new iPad looks a lot like the old iPad, only a tiny difference in the thickness and angle of the taper. Does that make you think twice about buying? Would a new casing design have made a difference? The new iPad did get an amazing Retina display, 4G LTE network option, a new Apple A5X processor, and a camera that finally doesn't suck (and actually looks pretty good).

Each change by itself could be dismissed as incremental (except that Retina display, that's just crazy cool). Taken together, they could just make the overall experience better enough that the new iPad goes from nice to have to must have, especially for geeks.

So what's your answer, iMore nation? Are you getting the new iPad or are you taking a pass? Vote up top and give me the details in the comments below!

Update: Poll closed. Wow were you split!

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What new devices will Apple announce tomorrow?

Apple will almost certainly announce their next generation tablet tomorrow, the iPad 3 (now rumored to perhaps be called the iPad HD, but what other devices will Apple announce?

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What are you expecting from the iPad 3 event? [Poll]

Okay iMore nations, we've given you our complete iPad 3 event preview and gone through pretty much much every hardware and software rumor we could think of -- so now it's your turn! Next Wednesday, March 7, when the Apple execs take the keynote stage, what are you expecting them to show off for the iPad 3?

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What change does Apple most need to make to the App Store? [Poll]

What change would you most like to see Apple make to the App Store?

Apple announced the App Store way back in spring of 2008 as part of the iPhone SDK event, and now 4 years later it's the biggest thing to ever hit mobile applications, but it still has a lot of issues. If you could wave a magic wand and have Apple add one thing to the App Store, what would it be?


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Do you want Apple to get rid of the 30-pin dock connector? [Poll]

Do you want Apple to get rid of the 30-pin dock connector?

Earlier today we posted a story about Apple moving to replace the 30-pin dock connector with a new "micro dock" to save precious space in the next generation iPhone.

On one hand it's a bold move, dumping something everyone's familiar with for something new, which is very typically Apple. On the other hand, it's not dumping it for something really, truly new, like Palm-style inductive wireless charging.

While a lot of accessories would continue to work as long as they or Apple provided an adapter, some might not, and then you'd have to buy them again. And if you have a lot of accessories or even cables, it's either impractical to get an adapter for each one, or annoying to keep having to switch the adapter.

Rene laid out a good case for why Apple could be getting ready to pull the trigger on a smaller dock connector, so now we want to hear what you think about it. Do you want Apple to ditch the current dock? Pro or con or couldn't care less?

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Will you be switching to OS X Mountain Lion for Mac? [Poll]

What do you think of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

Apple shocked the tech geek community with this morning's surprise announcement of OS X Mountain Lion where they once again brought iPad and iPhone features "back to the Mac", including Messages, Reminders, Notification Center and more.

There's no word on Siri, Apple's voice controlled assistant, for Mac yet, but then again there's no word on Siri for iPad 3 yet either.

Apple is taking their time and doing what they do best -- seeding interest and creating buzz. They're excellent at it, just look at all the coverage they're getting this morning without even holding one of their famous keynotes!

And we want to know how its working.

If you're a Mac user, is this a no-brainer, instant-update for you when it's available, or would you rather Apple kept OS X and iOS separate and distinct?

If you're a Windows user, does anything you've seen today tempt you to make the switch to Mac, or does the idea of iOS-style stuff on your desktop make you even less likely to make the change?

If you're undecided, if you're waiting to see more, what precisely would Apple have to do to win you over to Mountain Lion?

You know the drill, vote in the poll above and give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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