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What are we going to see at WWDC 2010? - final poll

This is it TiPb nation, your last chance to guess the good for Apple's WWDC 2010 before the big show starts and we find out once and for all what Apple does to re-revolutionize the smartphone in 2010. What do you think we'll see?

(If you want to step up, drop your predictions in the comments as well so they're recorded for posterity -- and bragging rights)

What will we see at WWDC?Market Research

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What will the new iPhone be called and when will it be available?

While we wait, I figured it would be fun to crowd-source the awesome mind-power of the TiPb Nation to see if we could predict what the 4th generation iPhone would be called and when exactly it would be available for purchase. So check out the polls after the break and let's see just how close we can get.

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What do you think of AT&T's new iPhone data rates?

What do you think of AT&T's new data rates?online surveys

What do you think of AT&T's new iPhone data rates? Let us know in the pole above, and let us know how much data you're currently using in the comments, and whether you think you'd save or lose out under the new plan.

Also, let us know if this is enough to make you consider leaving AT&T, and/or if you're worried Verizon and the other carriers will follow suit with data caps and tiers.

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How Much Will You Pay for iPad Apps?

How much will you pay for iPad apps? Steve Jobs said the iPad was a new category between the iPhone and the laptop, so will iPad software be a new category between the two as well?

PC software for Windows or Mac can range from free to well over a thousand dollars for a suite -- looking at you Adobe CS5 -- or more. iPhone apps on the other hand have raced to the bottom, with free being common and cheap being the biggest alternative. Most apps hover around $0.99. Only a few apps dare go over $5, let along $10 or more.

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Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Now Available for Pre-Order in the US

Attention US shoppers, the iPad in both Wi-Fi and 3G flavors are now available for pre-order. Just head on over to the Apple Online Store and you can arrange to have your very own iPad Wi-Fi in 16GB, 32GB, and/or 64GB shipped to you or made ready for pickup at your local Apple Retail Store on April 3. iPad 3G 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB are also available for pre-order but won't ship until late April.

Did you pre-order? If so, which one did you get?

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iPhone Owners, What's Your New #2 -- Droid, Storm2, N900, Pre, HD2?

If there was no iPhone, which device would you use?(survey)

iPhone owners, what's your new #2? We've asked this before, but with devices like the Android DROID, BlackBerry Storm2, Nokia N900, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile HD2 really ramping things up of late, we figured it was a great time to check in again.

Which new device has you most interested? Which is the most tempting? If there was no iPhone, which one would you get? Vote above, and let us know why in the comments!

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Windows 7 Launches Tomorrow, Which iPhone Users are Making the Upgrade?

Do you plan on upgrading to Windows 7?(survey software)

Our sibling site, WMExperts.com is doing their part to balance TiPb's Apple-centricity with a reminder that Microsoft Windows 7 launches tomorrow. However, since most iPhone and iPod touch users are also Windows users, TiPb's fully on board this new release train as well.

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Poll: How's Google Sync Gmail Working on Your iPhone?

Roughly 3 weeks ago Google (finally!) added Gmail to their Google Sync service, allowing iPhone users to add push email to the previously available contacts and calendars. It wasn't a solution for everyone, since it used Microsoft's ActiveSync, which allows for only one account per device, and many users already had a business Exchange server in that slot. For those without Exchange, however, it's awesome, right?

Or is it? We've had many readers tell us it works great, and others who've had some problems -- enough that we want to ask, how's Google Sync working on your iPhone?

Let us know in the poll above, and elaborate as needed in the comments!

(And we'll insert yet another plea to Apple and Google to give us Gmail via IMAP IDLE in the Mail app already!)

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