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Would you want the Phone app on your iPad?

Should the iPad have the Phone app?

With all the talk of a large screen iPhone 6 this year, and potentially more in the years to follow, it's got me wondering — how big is too big? One of the arguments for a big screen iPhone is that it would better serve people who need a phone but want only one primary computing device. A 4.3- to 5-inch iPhone could satisfy them, but what about a 7.9-inch Retina iPad mini with Phone.app installed as well?

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Did Google buying Nest make it a rage quit... or must get? [Poll]

What does Google buying Nest mean to you?

Earlier this week Google bought Nest for a stupefying $3.2 billion dollars, and reaction to the deal has been extreme to say the least. We saw some members of the tech community vow to rip their existing Nests from wall, stomp them into bits, and never do business with them again. We saw Apple's Phil Schiller unfollowing Tony Fadell. Yet we also saw our own Phil Nickinson and Kevin Michaluk raced out to buy Nests and get them installed. So what's to be made of all this?

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Which new iPad did you choose? [Poll]

Which new iPad did you choose?

It's a question we've all been asking ourselves, that we've been asked the most of others, and that we've come to different decisions on. iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display? The fact that it's such a touch decision is testament to how impressive both new iPads are. Both Rene and myself have come to our own individual decisions for our own individual reasons, but what about you guys; which new iPad did you choose?

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How's your Retina iPad mini battery life? [Poll]

How's your Retina iPad mini battery life?

The iPad mini with Retina Display has been available for a little while now, and so it's time to talk battery life. We've put it through its paces – thoroughly – and completed our full review, but battery life statistics are always much more detailed and accurate when they're crowd sourced. So, if you picked one up, how are you finding the battery life on your Retina iPad mini?

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Would you like a colorful, plastic iPad c? [Poll]

Would you like a colorful, plastic iPad c?

Apple has had a mixed relationship in the past with colorful products, but so far the iPad hasn't been one of them. Meanwhile, Nokia has just dropped its first Windows 8.1 tablet, the Lumia 2520, and it's plastic, colorful and relatively well priced. Apple recently brought out a colorful, plastic device of its own, the iPhone 5c, so how would you like a similar tactic with the iPad? How about a plastic, colorful iPad c?

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Do you see image retention on your Retina iPad mini? [Poll]

Do you see image retention on your Retina iPad mini?

Much has been said about the – still frankly pretty darn impressive – display on the Retina iPad mini. Narrow color gamuts are clear to see when you sit the mini next to the iPad Air but what about this image retention issue; are you seeing it on yours?

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Are you an iPad photographer and proud of it? [Poll]

Are you an iPad photographer and proud of it?

It's a discussion we've had many, many times before; using your iPad – or any other tablet for that matter – as a camera. Some love it, some hate it, some ridicule it and others just don't care, but it's a subject most of us have an opinion on. We always say that the best camera you have is the one you have with you, and increasingly folks are carrying their iPads with them everywhere they go. So, are you an iPad photographer, and proud of it?

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Did you order a new Retina iPad mini? [Poll]

Did you order a Retina iPad mini?

Well, well, well. Apple sure dropped this one on us, and caught many of us – sleepy Brits included – by surprise. Just last night as we were all getting ready to bed a rumor surfaced that we might be seeing the Retina iPad mini today, and lo and behold here it is. It looks like online sales only at the moment, so, did you order yourself a new Retina iPad mini?

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How's your iPad Air battery life? [Poll]

How's your iPad Air battery life?

It has been just over a week now since the iPad Air went on sale and we first got it in our hot little hands. A hot topic of discussion for any new device is battery life; an important subject area but also something we can't talk with any education about right away. So, now we've all had chance to use it, drain it, recharge it and use it again, just how is your iPad Air battery life?

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Did the Mavericks Mail update fix your Gmail woes? [Poll]

Did the Mavericks Mail update fix your Gmail woes?

A couple of days ago Apple released the Mavericks Mail update, designed primarily to fix compatibility with Google's Gmail. I never hid my All Mail folder in Gmail, so I managed to escape the problems unscathed. It's been working fine - well, as fine as Gmail ever can in Mail.app - since beta. Other people have had nothing but problems, and apparently are still experiencing them.

So, if you use Gmail, and you use Mavericks, and you've installed the update, how's it working for you? Is Mavericks finally playing nicely with Gmail's quirky IMAP implementation, are there still a few issues you're facing, or is it still pretty much unusable for you?

Vote in the poll above and then give me the details in the comments below!

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