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Are you using a case with your new iPad Air? [Poll]

Are you using a case with your new iPad Air?

To case, or not to case, that is the question. It's the question so many of us ask ourselves whenever we purchase a new Apple device. Do we want to cover up the hotness in the name of protecting it and keeping it pristine underneath. Apple's products are made to be looked at, and the stunning new iPad Air is absolutely no exception. Everyone has their own preferences, but we want to know; are you using a case with your new iPad Air?

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Which iPad Air did you get today? [Poll]

Which iPad Air did you get?

iPad Air day is drawing towards its conclusion, and hopefully by now everyone who was planning to pick one up on launch day – wherever you might be in the world – has had chance to. But now, we want to hear from you and find out which model you picked up in the end? We've been talking about how to decide which is the best model for you since the iPad Air first launched, but for many today was the time to put the talking to an end.

The iPad Air launch for pretty much everyone has been much smoother and less stressful than last months iPhone 5s launch. Stock seems to have been plentiful pretty much everywhere, and with in-store pickups and availability stretching to a number of third-party retailers as well, perhaps more of you actually found yourselves grabbing one today instead of waiting a while? Planned, off the cuff, whichever it may have been, which iPad Air did you get today?

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Will you be buying an iPad Air?

Will you be buying an iPad Air?

The iPad Air launches this Friday and we want to know if you're going to order one at the stroke of midnight, line up to get your hands on it immediately, or get one at any point, at your leisure? Just like our full iPad Air preview says, it's pretty much an iPad mini gone maxi. All the 9.7-inch Retina display you want, none of the weight you don't. So, are you getting one?

If not immediately, are you going to wait and try it out first when it goes on display? This year, more than any other year, it could be hard to choose between Apple's iPad lineup. If you're not getting the iPad Air, at least not yet, is it because you've got the new Retina iPad mini on your shopping list? It's got a Retina display as well now, and in an even smaller, more mobile, 7.9-inch package.

If you're not getting a new iPad at all, is it because you're still happy with your current iPad, and aren't ready to upgrade yet? Or are you simply not interested in the iPad at all?

Vote in the poll up top, and give me the details in the comments below!

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How's your iOS 7.0.3 battery life? [Poll]

How's your iOS 7.0.3 battery life?

iOS 7.0.3 has been with us for almost a full week now, so it's about time we talked battery life. As is so often the way every time a new version of iOS drops, some people see improvements, some the exact opposite. As iOS 7 continues to update, we'd hope that the majority were in the first camp, but sadly it isn't the case. We've already discussed battery life on previous builds of iOS 7, so how does it compare now we're bumped up to 7.0.3?

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Have you upgraded to OS X Mavericks yet? [Poll]

Have you upgraded to OS X Mavericks yet?

Apple's event this past Tuesday in San Francisco was a busy one, with one of the big pieces of news being the consumer release of OS X Mavericks for the low, low price of free. As such, one potential barrier to upgrading was completely removed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has, or for that matter can. So, have you upgraded to OS X Mavericks yet?

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What do you want to see most from Apple's October 22 event? [Poll]

What do you want to see most from Apple's October 22 event?

We're just a few days out from Apple's "still have a lot to cover" event in San Francisco, so what better time to step back, and ask ourselves what we're wanting to see most from the event. As is so often the way with Apple invitations, we're left with more questions than answers, but one thing is certain; there's a whole lot that we could be shown.

Top of the order are new iPads. The last refresh came 12 months ago when Apple introduced the iPad mini alongside the iPad 4. At this point it's pretty much a given we'll be seeing new versions of both, with a likely redesign of the full sized iPad. But, it doesn't stop there, not by a long stretch.

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What would you like to see in a next-gen Apple TV? [Poll]

What would you like to see in a next-gen Apple TV?

The Apple TV was last updated back in the spring of 2012, gaining support for 1080p video. Flash forward 18 months and a lot of people are asking if Apple is going to update it again this year, this month, at the October 22 event. So, we're asking - what would you want to see in a 3rd generation update?

4K video (2160p) is on the horizon, but there's not a lot of content for it yet, and not many people have the download speeds or bandwidth to really make use of it yet. H.265 could help there, but it still seems more like the future than the present. A FaceTime camera would be interesting for families and conference rooms alike, but could it be integrated in a manner that fits Apple's demands for function and form? More channels are always possible, including networks and more sports, including NFL. Apple has added channels without hardware updates in the past, however, and could easily do so again. A software developer kit (SDK) and an Apple TV App Store could be interesting, and would require new hardware, but it would interfere with Apple's existing channel partner program, and doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. Cable passthrough, DVR functionality, and other traditional TV technology seem not only plagued by regionalism, but smack of the past and not the future. And built-in Blu-Ray still seems a bag of hurt.

So what do you think? If Apple takes the Apple TV to version 3, what should the bullet points be? Vote up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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How accurate is the digital compass and level on your iPhone 5s? [Poll]

How accurate is the digital compass and level on your iPhone 5s?

For a while now we've been seeing ourselves, and hearing from a lot of you about the magnometer (digital compass) in the iPhone 5s and how it's consistently presenting abnormal results, even by digital compass standards. Now I lack science powers enough to understand exactly how it's supposed to work, but ever since it launched in Android devices and the iPhone 3GS, I've never had great results with it. Frustrating, figure-8-circling, direction spinning results, yes. Great, no. But with the iPhone 5s, not great seems to have been taken to all new levels. Pun somewhat intended...

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How's iMessage working for you on iOS 7?

How is iMessage working for you?

We're still hearing from a lot of you with iOS 7 iMessage issues. It's never been perfect, especially when OS X is added to the loop, but since iOS 7 it appears a lot more people are experiencing a lot more pain. I have two phone numbers attached to mine, and four email addresses, and while it's mostly working, I am missing some conversations on some of my devices. Others aren't able to send or receive iMessages, or enable the service at all. We posted up a list of things you can do to troubleshoot iOS 7 iMessages, but we're curious to know how it's working for you.

Vote in the poll up top, and give us the details in the comments below!

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iOS 7 and motion sickness: What you can do, and where you can learn more

Is iOS 7 making you motion sick?

One of the most amazing new features of iOS 7 is that it's built on top of a physics and particle engine, allowing almost any and every element to come alive with movement - shifting, colliding, bouncing, floating, and more. It looks and feels like a game space. And therein lies a problem for some people. It's reportedly making them motion sick.

I have a friend who can't play 3D games or watch 3D movies on big screens for more than a few minutes without feeling sick and having to stop. Another with Labyrinthitis that's, off-and-on, threatened his ability to get around and even stay standing. I myself can't read for long in a moving vehicle without getting nauseous and having to stop. None of us have had a problem with iOS 7 to date, but for those who do, it can be a show-stopper level problem. Craig Grannell has been tracking the issue closely, and has written about it on Revert to Saved:

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