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How to switch from webOS to iPhone and iPad

While HP may not have killed webOS when it cancelled webOS hardware, it certainly stuck the knife in it and twister really, really hard -- and every webOS user, Palm loyalist, and reader felt it. Some might choose to stick with it, to see if HP's incompetence can somehow be turned around by a forward thinking, hardware genius licensor, but others might have finally had enough. If you're one of those, the dedicated, the abused, we think Apple's iOS and iPhone and iPad hardware might be the perfect thing to salve your wounds and restore your sense of gadget wonder.

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HP to discontinue webOS devices -- Pre, Veer, and TouchPad bite the dust

HP has just announced that they're killing off webOS devices, namely the Pre, Veer, and TouchPad -- or everything that competes with iPhone and iPad.

In addition, HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.

Derek Kessler, editor of our sibling site pulls no punches:

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iPhone vs Android, Palm, BlackBerry in MOTO Touchscreen Test Part 2: Robots!

The MOTO Development Group is back with another round of capacitive touchscreen tests. This time they have stepped up their game by using robots to ensure the accuracy of the results. MOTO even tossed in a few extra handsets such as the Palm Pre and Blackberry Storm 2 for good measure.

You may remember that the original test that saw the iPhone take top honors. However some of you out there cried foul because of the fact a human finger was used in the tests. Hopefully this particular test helps put that all to rest as once again.

Now TiPb won't spoil all of the results for you (as if we could!) but wait until you see what happened to the Moto Droid, ouch...

Full video after the break!

[MOTO via Engadget]

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AT&T Memo Leaks: Apple iPhone 3G vs Palm Pre Showdown is On!

Our good friend, Dieter, over at has just got his hands on a leaked internal AT&T document that puts our beloved iPhone 3G into the ring up against the yet to be released Palm Pre. We are beginning to wonder what will happen first, Palm going out of business or the Pre actually being released... (Yes, we kid because we love...)

While some of the things that made the list are cold hard facts that every Palm fan will have to swallow, AT&T seems to be reaching on a few as well. Here are a some of the better ones:

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Today on the Forums: iPhone 2.3 Firmware, SIM Card Sharing, Where Did You Get Your iPhone? Palm Pre, Yahoo vs. Gmail

It's been some time since the 2.2 firmware dropped, yet we have not heard of any developers getting their hands on the next version. So Dizzy wants to know, when is iPhone 2.3 firmware coming? That is a very good question, so check out that thread and let him know what you think...

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What the Palm Pre Stole from the iPhone... and What the iPhone Should Steal From the Pre

As I've said many times before on TiPb, I'm a Palm guy going back to the Palm V, and Treo guy going back to the Treo 600. When Palm essentially abandoned that user-base (see my Palm Treo Pro Round Robin video and review) a few years back, I abandoned them and dove headlong into the iPhone (and now the iPhone 3G).

I still have a very warm spot in my heart for Palm, however, their innovation in the smartphone space, and their focus on zen-like user experience. So, when Palm announced their new WebOS platform and premiered their new Pre handset at CES (see our new baby sibling site for all the details and a massive hands-on video), I was more than just a little ecstatic. I won't lie, it's the first post-iPhone device that's caught my attention.

Don't get me wrong, I still fear for Palm -- the market is much more crowded than it was when they helped create it, and for all the problems WebOS and the Pre solve, they bring their own set to the table. However, watching the Palm Keynote fro CES I, presented by former Apple iPod father Jon Rubinstein and Palm founder Ed Colligan, two things stood really stood out for me:

  • What Palm outright stole from the iPhone and put in the Pre
  • And what Apple should immediate steal from Palm and put into the next iPhone OS.

We'll get into both, after the break.

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TreoCentral at CES: Palm Announces Pre, the "iPhone Slider"

Confession: I'm just leaving Macworld and haven't had a chance to form much of an opinion about the Palm Pre yet (see pics). TreoCentral (and our new baby sibling site, absolutely KILLED it on the first impressions, and make sure you check out the live blog (and congrats to Dieter on the trifecta of Schiller, Balmer, and Colligan all in one week! Superstar!).

The Treo 600 was my first smartphone, the 680 my last before the iPhone, so I have great fondness for Palm despite them leaving me "out in the desert" (TM, TreoCentral TreoCast) for years and years. I want them to succeed, I want them to force the entire industry to keep up the innovation and revolution the iPhone started. I want Steve Jobs and Apple to run back to the drawing board and feel compelled to make the iPhone HD 3.0 even better than they intended.

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