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Sprint brings rolling data to prepaid plans, available exclusively at Best Buy

Sprint will now give prepaid users the ability to rollover their unused data and keep a reserve of up to 30GB that doesn't expire. These new plans are available exclusively at Best Buy locations.

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Sprint's Prepaid service revamps with new tiered data plans

The Sprint Prepaid brand will now have three new monthly plans, all of which offer its customers unlimited talk and text. The cheapest is now priced at $35 a month with 1 GB of data, followed by $45 a month with 3 GB of data and $55 a month for 6 GB of data.

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Boost Mobile boosts plans with double data and lower prices

Sprint prepaid subsidiary Boost Mobile is running a promotion from September 3 to November 3 that will give customers discounted plans with double the usual data. As long as customers sign up during this period and keep their accounts active, then they can keep their promotional plan. Now, with a $5 discount, the starting $35 plan will give customers unlimited talk and text with unlimited data, though only the first 1 GB will be at high speed.

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T-Mobile is now the largest provider of prepaid phone service in the U.S.

T-Mobile has announced today that it has overtaken Sprint to be the largest prepaid service provider in the U.S., with a total of 15.64 million prepaid subscribers on the network. That's dramatically past the other big rivals AT&T and Verizon also, who have 11.34 and 6.04 million prepaid customers, respectively — and T-Mobile shows no signs of slowing down.

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Apple rumored to offer pre-paid and month-to-month phone plans in Apple Stores

It looks like Apple is planning a new effort to boost iPhone sales from their retail locations, partnering with carriers to offer pre-paid and month-to-month plans in Apple stores. Customers will now be able to buy an iPhone at its full, unlocked price, then add it to a pre-paid plan in the store. Apple will apparently partner with AT&T and T-Mobile for the new program according to 9to5Mac.

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Straight Talk bumps full-speed data allowance to 3GB, still costs $45 per month

Straight Talk, an AT&T MVNO and one of the most popular prepaid carriers in the U.S., has increased its data allowances by 500MB without bumping prices. Though the carrier still advertises its $45 per month plan as "unlimited," following mild outrage it has chosen to clarify that users are throttled after a certain point of data usage. At the time of clarification Straight Talk was offering just 2.5GB of full-speed data, and has now bumped that to 3GB at no additional cost.

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AT&T launches Aio Wireless, offers the iPhone on prepaid. Anyone tempted?

AT&T has just launched Aio Wireless, a new prepaid cellular service that boasts the iPhone as one of their flagship devices. Since it is a prepaid service, Aio offers plans without a contract, and users can either bring their own compatible device, or buy it from Aio at full price. AT&T touted the simplicity of the service in a statement today.

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Best iPhone 5 PAYG nano-SIM options for traveling to Canada

If you're visiting Canada with a GSM unlocked iPhone 5, you have several Pay As You Go, or prepaid, options to consider. Nano-SIM availability is still hit and miss. There's not reason you shouldn't be able to get one, since every major carrier and subsidiary is currently carrying the iPhone 5. However, getting them to give you one for short-term PAYG might be a battle, or could incur an additional charge.

Canadian carriers like Rogers, Bell, and TELUS all have discount subsidiaries, namely Fide/Chatr, Virgin, and Koodo, so we're going to focus on those. Other carriers, like Moblicity, Wind, and Videotron use AWS frequencies (like T-Mobile in the U.S.) and don't currently support the iPhone.

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Best iPhone 5 PAYG nano-SIM options when traveling to the United States

If you have an iPhone 5, or any other unlocked iPhone for that matter, and plan on traveling to the United States, you may want to save yourself the hefty fees that come with roaming, and get a local, pre-paid or Pay As You Go SIM-card for your service. There aren't too many options -- American carriers love tying everyone into 2 year contracts -- but there are some worth considering.

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