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Readers Choice Awards

2012 iMore readers choice awards

We asked you to tell us your favorite devices, features, news, events, apps, games, and accessories. The only condition was that had to have happened, or been introduced or majorly updated in 2012. Nothing old. Only new. And you told us by the thousands. Now the votes are in. The polls are closed. The results have been tallied. Your favorites have been named. And right here, right now, they'll be revealed...

These are your 2012 iMore readers choice awards!

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2012 iMore Readers Choice Awards! Vote now and enter to win the iOS device of your dreams!

Welcome to the 2012 iMore Readers Choice Awards! This is where you get to have your say, and tell us the absolute best devices, news, apps, and accessories you've enjoyed last year. We've provided 5 suggestions for each category, but you're absolutely free to write in any alternative you prefer -- with one proviso: it has to have happened, been released, or been significantly updated during 2012!

Voting will be open for 2 weeks, and when it closes, we'll tally up the totals and present your favorites, the 2012 iMore Readers Choices!

Bonus: Enter your iMore username in the survey and we'll enter you to a win a $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate so you have a second chance to win the iOS device of your deams!

So what are you waiting for? VOTE NOW!

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TiPb Readers' Choice Awards: Announcing YOUR Best (and Worst!) of Everything iPhone!

Forget the Oscars, we've got the Steves! Okay, so we're not really calling them the Steves -- they're the TiPb Readers' Choice Awards, and while they won't let you watch Wolverine sing and dance, they won't consume 4+ hours of your life either. And hey, who needs best picture when we have best fart app? (No, don't worry, that's not an actual category -- this year!)

Right after New Year, and the TiPb Editors' Choice Awards, we began something far more important -- YOUR choices. We opened the forums up to nomination, and when we had our nominees, we let you have at the voting. And vote you did, rocketing your favorites to the very tops of the charts.

Well now the votes have been counted, the results are in, and TiPb is honored to present our Readers' Choice Awards...

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TiPb Readers' Choice Awards: LAST CHANCE -- VOTE NOW!

Hugh Jackman may be hosting the Oscar announcements this Sunday, but TiPb will be announcing YOUR choice for the very best in all things iPhone. That's right, the voting is almost done, the time is almost up. If you haven't already, don't walk -- RUN -- to our forums and make your voice heard for the TiPb Reader's Choice Awards!

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