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Rejected Apps

App Store now rejecting Flappy Bird copy-cats

Flappy Bird became number one on the App Store before the developer pulled it, but that just left a huge sucking vacuum for a ton of copy-cat apps to try and make some money in its stead. Thankfully, Apple — and apparently Google as well — is now rejecting apps with Flappy in their title.

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Apple removes photography app 500px over nudity concerns

Apple has removed the photography app 500px from the App Store over concerns that images of nudity are too easy to find. And... wow, unless there's some huge part of this story we still don't know, the jokes, ridicule, frustration, face-palming, condemnations, complaints, and triple entendres pretty much all write themselves. What makes this even more asinine is that the update that got 500px pulled was the one designed to make nude images even harder to find.

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Apple clamping down on AirPlay receiver apps, including Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil

Apple has recently removed Airfoil Speakers Touch by Rogue Amoeba and AirFloat by The Famous Software Company from the iTunes App Store for using AirPlay APIs that Apple has deemed non-public.

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Dropbox SDK technically violates App Store policy, causes Dropbox integrated apps to be rejected

Apple is currently rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK to provide integration with the popular cloud storage solution. The reason for the rejections is apparently that, under a specific but not inevitable set of circumstances, someone using an app with Dropbox integration could end up on Dropbox's web site and find a way to pay Dropbox for additional storage. That would violate Apple's prohibition against using external websites to circumvent Apple's 30% cut of subscriptions.

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Apple is now rejecting apps that collect UDID without permission

The fine developers of Tweetbot have reported that one of their latest updates was rejected from Apple for collecting UDID information without getting user consent first.

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Apple refunding purchases of "prematurely" released GameStore app

Apple is sending out refund notices to iPhone users who purchased GameStore, the bizarre Apple app that briefly appeared in the App Store over the weekend.

You recently purchase the GameStore app. The app was made available for sale prematurely. We apologize for the problem and have refunded the purchase amount back to your account. These funds will be applied to your original payment method within 5 business days.

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Poll: Should Apple allow tethering apps in the App Store?

<div class="spTwice now, once with Netshare in 2008 and now again with iTether in 2011, Apple has initially approved and then turned around a rejected an app that let iPhone users tether for free.

While some carriers in some countries allow for free tethering on the more expensive data plans, many countries, including the US do not. That means those carriers make extra money charging for tethering plans, and apps like Netshare and iTether threaten that extra money (or double-dipping, as you may wish to call it.)

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iTether now unavailable in App Store [Updated]

iTether is currently showing up as unavailable in the iTunes App Store. iTether, which was approved and released yesterday, let users tether their laptops to their iPhones without having to pay any additional fees to carriers. Another tethering app, Netshare, was approved and then later removed in 2008.

Whether iTether has actually been removed by Apple or the developer, temporarily or permanently, remains to be seen but the developer has claimed they were in communication with Apple throughout the app approval process. If Apple couldn't have, or simply didn't want iTether in the App Store, it's strange they'd approve it at all.

Update: Tether just let us know they've released a statement, and confirmed Apple pulled the iTether app from the App Store. Their site is currently getting hammered so we're reproducing it here. Please do click through and give them a comment with your thoughts.

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Apple rejects PopCap's Unpleasant Horse for mature content

Apple has rejected the first game out of PopCaps' new 4th and Battery studio, Unpleasant Horse, for mature content. It's unclear exactly what content Apple objected to but apparently it involved meat grinders. According to the New York Times:

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New Apple subscription service making software-as-service unfeasible on iPhone, iPad?

Readability, the service that takes the cruft out of online articles and gives you pure, gloriously legible text, has been rejected from the iPhone and iPad App Store due to Apple's new subscription service and its policies. If you're not familiar with Readbility, think Instapaper or the Reader button in the latest version of Safari (which ironically uses Readability's technology!) However, this has far wider ramifications as it suggests all iOS software-as-a-service (SaaS) front ends might like

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