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OS X Mavericks preview: iCloud Keychain promises relief from password hell

You need secure login credentials to be able to engage in e-commerce and other online activities, but keeping passwords straight can stump even the most advanced computer user. At best, you forget and need to reset your password every time you visit an infrequently-accessed site. At worst, you end up using an insecure password that opens you up to identity theft and other modern problems. Apple's fix for this problem is new in OS X Mavericks, and it's called iCloud Keychain.

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OS X Mavericks preview: Safari

While it's great to have a boatload of improvements in the operating system, few of us would be able to use Mavericks for too long without having to surf the Web for something. So it's good news that Apple is improving Safari for Mavericks as well. Many of the enhancements are under the hood tweaks aimed at improving performance, but there are some new features to talk about as well.

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Safari receives updates in iOS 7 including new tab views, smart search fields, and more

Safari is going to receive quite a few updates in iOS 7 including an updated tab view, new gestures, and more.

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Better scrolling and CPU management in OS X Mavericks, particularly for Mail and Safari

OS X Mavericks, which was just announced at WWDC 2013 features some power management and CPU usage improvements that should result in smoother scrolling and better memory management across OS X in general, particularly Safari and Mail.

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Safari getting improved sidebar with reading list and shared links

During the OS X 10.9 Mavericks segment at WWDC 2013, Apple has pulled the wraps off the latest and greatest for Safari. One of the neat new features is a new sidebar with access to your reading list and shared links from your Twitter friends. The sidebar sits off to the left and allows you to keep it there while you browse through your favorite websites from your bookmarks, reading list or shared links.

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Looking back: The 2007 WWDC Keynote - Leopard, Safari for Windows and iPhone web apps!

In case you'd forgotten, WWDC 2013 kicks off this coming Monday, June 10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. WWDC is a developer conference by nature, but it's also now the only scheduled Apple keynote of the year. So, while we're all eagerly awaiting Tim Cook hitting the stage on Monday, what better time than to look back over some of the WWDC presentations of yesteryear.

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How to selectively remove stored passwords in Safari for Mac

Safari for Mac is arguably one of the best browsers, not to mention the native option. With options like iCloud tabs across OS X and iOS, it makes it an excellent choice across platforms. Safari, like most other browsers, gives you the option to save passwords so you don't have to enter them each and every time. If there are passwords you've either accidentally saved or no longer want Safari remembering, you can selectively delete them instead of clearing all passwords.

Here's how:

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Apple declines to fix vulnerability in Safari's Web Archive files, likely because it requires user action to exploit

Metasploit software developer Joe Vennix has detailed a vulnerability in Safari’s webarchive file format along with how it can be exploited. The post on Rapid7 indicates that after being reported to Apple back in February, the bug was closed last month with a status of “wontfix”, indicating that Apple has no plans to address the bug. So what is it and why is that?

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Google forks WebKit, announces new Blink rendering engine

Google has announced that they're forking the Apple-led open source WebKit to create their own, new Blink HTML rendering engine. According to the Chromium blog:

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Debug 11: Don Melton and Safari

Don Melton, former Engineering Director of Internet Technologies at Apple, talks to Guy and Rene about assembler on the Apple II, open-sourcing Mozilla, building Nautilus, creating WebKit and the Safari browser, teaching bears to dance, and cleaning cusses from code bases.


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