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iPhone SDK Beta 6: Now Carding!

Apple has just dropped the sixth (6th!) update to their iPhone SDK and 2.0 beta firmware. Pre-req is Apple's almost simultaneously dropped OS X Leopard update, 10.5.3, so developers are forewarned to get that first before beginning the SDK install.

No word yet on what new treasures may be hiding in this version, but if past betas are any indication, there'll no doubt be something hidden in them there strings

According to TUAW, however, Apple is now carding. Yup, they're checking Application IDs at the door, so make sure you're registered before you try to install apps on a test iPhone.

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iPhone Dev Camp 2: August 1-3

Want to develop apps for the iPhone? Sad that WWDC is sold out? You're just in luck, the iPhone Dev Camp 2 is scheduled for August 1-3, 2008 in the Adobe Systems offices in San Francisco, California. A follow up to the original iPhone Dev Camp with one obvious new twist, the SDK.

A not-for-profit effort focused on the development of apps on the iPhone, it also hopes to migrate Mac OS X apps to the iPhone. Though they are well aware of the NDA that Apple has in place on the iPhone, they are hopeful that Apple will lift the NDA after the public launch of the App Store.

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iPhone 2.0: .Mac "Push" Email?

Ask and ye shall receive, dig deep into the code and ye shall find fresh-baked Apple-y goodness.

No sooner did Apple drop iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 5, than the developers began scouring it for any hint of what's to come, and as usually TUAW serves up what they found:

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iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 5: Tools and Tweaks

TUAW and iPhone dev extraordinaire Erica Sadun reports that Apple has dropped the svelte-ish 1GB iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 5 and accompanying firmware:

The fifth beta version of the iPhone SDK is now available. Log in to the iPhone Dev Center and take advantage of all the development resources available to you—a new version of the iPhone SDK, updated documentation, the latest release notes, and more.

No word yet on what secrets deep delving this latest code may reveal, but if past discoveries are any indication, literally anything is possible (except for cut and paste, of course).

Any guesses?

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Simon Says SDK Not OK. And Simon's Wrong.

John Gruber and the Macalope have made an artful science out of reasonably, logically, and methodically skewering the most pathetic punditry and junky journalism surrounding Apple and the iPhone.

Case in point is Gruber's recent and rather succinct dismantling of Simon Brocklehurst's complaint that Apple chose Objective C as the language behind the SDK. And while he certainly doesn't need my help, there are a few points I'd like to add.

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In ur SDK: Sun Still Brewing Java... Sorta...

Daring Fireball, via Digital Arts, brings word that Sun hasn't stopped trying to bring a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to the iPhone even though:

Apple has not been publicly receptive to having Java on its popular new device. There have been questions about whether Apple's iPhone SDK agreement would permit this. The JVM potentially could sidestep Apple's App Store program for dispensing iPhone applications.

And while Sun's efforts continue, they're also hedging their bets with Innaworks, who produces alcheMo, which may let Java programs compile as native iPhone apps, ready for App Store:

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iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 4: Interface Builder Unleashed

No reports of Pink Screens of Death this time, but Apple has released the fourth version of their SDK (5A258f), which weighs in at a beefy 1.15GB (200+MB for firmware) and according to TAUW (via Apple Developer Connection) sports:

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iPhone SDK Beta: Take 3

After waking up on Tuesday to face the dreaded Blue-- er... Pink-Screen-of-Death (?!) that signaled the expiry of the 2nd beta release for the iPhone SDK, would-be-developers managed not to go to bed angry as Apple kissed and made-up in the form of SDK Beta 3.

Erica Sadun over on TUAW reports that the latest/greatest weighs in at 1.4GB, or just three-quarters the size of the original beta, with the matching firmware at under 200MB according to a commenter.

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iPhone SDK: Take 2

Literally every source on the interwebs is reporting that Apple has just released Beta 2 of their universe-denting SDK (Software Developers Kit). This new version now sports a working Interface Builder and an update to Xcode 3.1.

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In ur SDK: Microsoft TellMe About iPhone?

Hot on the heals of the Microsoft MacBU (makers of Office 2008 for Mac) talking iPhone SDK, comes word (via Fortune) that Microsoft's recently acquired TellMe division, which specializes in voice recognition, is also eyeing Apple's little market grabber:

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