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Bugs: AT&T iPhone can send emoji to Verizon iPhone, but not the other way around

A rather interesting bug has been discovered: emoji sent over SMS between Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhones is not recognized both ways - Verizon can receive from AT&T, but not vice versa.

When a Verizon iPhone texts emoji to an AT&T iPhone, all that is received is a bunch of random characters. However, a Verizon iPhone will recognize emoji sent from an AT&T iPhone with no problem. This inability to interpret emoji is only an issue with the messages app, however. An AT&T iPhone can recognize emoji elsewhere, like email and twitter, just fine - even if the emoji was sent from a Verizon iPhone.

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TiPb Answers: Verizon iPhone and the limitations of CDMA

While many have been waiting a long time for the Verizon iPhone, the same CDMA network that gives Verizon its terrific coverage and reliability brings with it a host of other problems, including the famous lack of simultaneous voice and data and limited international roaming, but also some lesser known issues such as split SMS messages and greatly reduced conference calling options.

None of these are new to the Verizon iPhone but they are new to iPhone now that it's on Verizon, and new to users who haven't experienced CDMA before. We'll take a look at them after the break.

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Daily tip: How to delete individual SMS Text or MMS messages

Curious how to delete individual SMS Texts (or sexts, we're not here to judge!) MMS from a conversation in your iPhone Messages app? It's not obvious but it is simple, and we'll show you how after the break!

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iPhone Auto correct fail [Humor]

I dont know about you but I have this love/hate relationship with my iPhone's auto correct. I can't spell (don't tell Rene!) so I can't really live without it, but that means I end up having auto correct change my words, sometimes into something horrific. If you think that's funny head on over to, a site dedicated entirely to just this type of humor.

One more, potentially NSFW, after the break.

Has this ever happened to you? Leave a comment, share your misfortune, and give me a laugh at the same time!


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Beginner tip: How to make text messages more private

Wondering how to protect your privacy and stop iPhone SMS popups from revealing the contents of your text message? It's not set that way by default, which is pretty annoying, but it can be changed. We'll show you how, after the break!

Special thanks to Freiteez from the forums for this tip!

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Apple applies for iPhone anti-sexting patent

Apple has applied for yet another patent; this one is for filtering text messages. Why would one want to filter text messages, you ask? To prevent sexting of course!

Sexting -- SMS text messages containing sexual content -- restrictions could allows the user (or parent of the user) to block the exchange of text-based messages containing any type of content, or to have the offending content removed before the transmission is complete.

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iOS 4.2 features: Set individual text message tone

iOS 4.2 for iPhone seems poised to finally provide yet another hugely requested feature -- set individual text message tones.

Nice to see Apple knocking things off the nagging omissions list. Do I even have to ask if you're going to be using this?


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iOS 4 features: SMS/MMS failure exclamation badge

iOS 4 will now put an exclamation badge on the Messages app as a way to inform you when an SMS text or MMS multimedia message fails to send.

Previously, the exclamation badge was only present inside the Messages app itself, beside the message that failed to send. Unless you were there and checking, you might not see it, especially not right away.

Now, if and when there's been a failure to send, as long as you pass by the Messages icon on your home screen, there's a good chance you'll see it.

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QuickReply for SMS on iPhone - Jailbreak app review

QuickReply for SMS functions basically as an expanded plug-in to the built-in SMS app.  There is no icon for QuickReply and it just interacts with built-in functionality.  QuickReply attempts to solve a lot of the problems that the native SMS app still has.  The major one being when you get a text, you have two options, either close the text or view it to respond.  If you're in the middle of doing something on your phone, it'll close you out of it in order to take you to the text app.

QuickReply solves this problem by adding another button.  In addition to the traditional close and view buttons, you'll see a reply button to the right.  When you click reply, it'll simply bring up a keyboard and you can reply to the text without interrupting the app you are currently running.  When you're done, tap send and you're done!  The keyboard disappears and your text sends in the background. In settings, you have the option of changing the traditional keyboard to a transparent type keyboard if you'd like as well.  You'll also see an option to replace the view button with a call button.

With the latest update to QuickReply, contact pictures were added. I thought this was a really neat addition. If you have a picture set for a person in your address book, it'll pop up in the right hand top corner of the text on the homescreen. Speaking of the homescreen, QuickReply also allows you to reply directly from the homescreen. Enabling the lockscreen option in settings will allow you to double-tap a text off the homescreen and bring up a keyboard to respond without even having to unlock your phone.

QuickReply is definitely one of those apps I'd sorely miss on a stock iPhone. For anyone who's jailbroken, it's definitely worth the $2.99. And if you'd like to try it out, they have a trial period available.

[$2.99 - Cydia Link]

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Textfree SMS for iPhone, iPod touch hits 1 Billion Messages Served in 10 Months

Pinger sent us word that their Textfree [$5.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch, which lets US users send and reply to SMS, has hit 1 billion messages delivered in just 10 months.

Now, we don't usually run metrics announcements here at TiPb, but I don't usually come back from CES with $45 in SMS charges either (billed at $0.80 each since I was roaming). Would that they would internationalize it!

If you've used Textfree or another SMS-alternative, how did it work for you?

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