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Oasis's back catalog comes to UK streaming music services

Although you've long been able to download music from rock band Oasis, the company's been a holdout on the music streaming front in their home market. That changes today as Oasis is now available to be streamed on services including Spotify, Deezer and Rdio, according to NME.

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Beats Music service to launch in the U.S. in 'the next few months' with iOS support

As if the world wasn't blessed with enough streaming music services, a new report suggests the folks at Beats will be joining the party in the not too distant future. In speaking with The Next Web, Beats COO Luke Wood has outlined some details for the forthcoming service:

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Spotify boosts offering yet further, Pink Floyd back catalog now available to stream

Spotify continues to try and edge ahead in the streaming stakes, and their latest addition is a big one; they now have the full back catalog from Pink Floyd available to stream. Music from Pink Floyd is available on competing services, to buy and to stream, but Spotify takes the crown as the only streaming service to offer the full and complete works of Pink Floyd. And, for premium members, that means you can take it with you on your iOS device as well as listening along on your Mac.

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Apple reportedly talked to Beats about the Project Daisy streaming music service

Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP of internet services, Eddy Cue reportedly met with Beats Electronics CEO and Interscope-Geffen-A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine to discuss his and co-founder Dr. Dre's planned Project Daisy Music Streaming service, among other things. According to Poornima Gupta and Ronald Grover at Reuters:

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Apple reportedly working on Pandora-style streaming music service. Again.

As is often the case when fall approaches and an Apple event draws near, rumors have begun to swirl about Apple starting a Pandora-style streaming/subscription music service. Even though Apple has resolutely stuck to iTunes purchases for music, and added the subscription-based iTunes Match music locker service, the allure of true streaming solution is such that everyone and their journal of record seems to agree Apple is working on something like it, to launch sometime.

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Pandora vs. Slacker vs. Spotify: iPhone streaming music app showdown!

While iTunes is the undisputed king of digital music, it doesn't offer streaming or subscription services, leaving the field wide open for a wide variety of contenders, including Pandora, Slacker, and Spotify. That's important because not everyone wants to buy their music. Some iPhone users want more variety and a better way to discover new music, or simply re-discover old favorites. That's because music is personal. It has to suit both our general tastes and our mood at the moment. A good streaming music app needs to reflect this. It needs to have music available that we like, when we like, and the better it does that job, the better it is.

Pandora, Slacker, and Spotify each have their own unique take on streaming music, but which one does it best?

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Qantas to test in-flight iPad entertainment system

Qantas has announced they will begin a trial run for an in-flight entertainment system centered around Apple's iPad tablet, initially limiting the test to a single Boeing 767-300 which allows streaming of music and video content to all of the aircraft's 254 seats.

In what it’s trumpeting as a ‘world first’, Qantas will next month begin trials of Apple’s iPad for in-flight entertainment, using wi-fi to stream content to the tablets from a central server on the aircraft.

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Apple signs deal with Universal, iCloud to cost $25/year after free trial?

CNET reports that Universal Music Group has finalized a deal for Apple to offer streaming music through their new iCloud service. Apple will announce iCloud at WWDC next week, which will reportedly cost just $25 per year after an initial free trial period.

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Apple still needs music publishers on board for iTunes cloud streaming service

Peter Kafka over at All Things Digital reports that Apple has yet another hurdle to overcome before iTunes cloud streaming can become a reality -- getting music publishers to sign off. Although Apple has been negotiating and finalizing deals with the music labels, including Sony now, that's apparently not enou.

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