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Griffin Elan Passport for iPad - accessory review

This week I got to try out the Griffin Elan Passport Case for iPad and I really like it! The Elan Passport is a leather flip case with a soft microsuede interior. When closed, the Elan Portfolio resembles a book. When you open it you have immediate access to the touchscreen on the right and the left has four slots for credit cards, business cards, etc. or other similarly shaped items and a sleeve to tuck additional paper into such as receipts and more.

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TiPb TV 4: Should you get an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod nano?

Should you get an iPhone 4, iPod touch (2010), or iPod nano (2010)? Or more specifically, who should get an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod nano? That's a question we get a lot from people considering their first iOS device or a second device for their family, and that's the topic for the fourth episode of our new, conversational video show, TiPb TV!

Rene and I go over the strong and weak points of each device, always on internet connectivity vs. the cost of a data plan, sleek and thin vs. smaller camera sensor, cheap and highly portable vs. no video and apps. Sure there's a lot of overlap but there are a lot of differences too.

Maybe you already have a phone or smartphone, maybe you need a phone or a second media player or workout music. If you're thinking of picking up a new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod nano this holiday season -- for yourself or for that special someone -- then check out the latest episode of TiPb TV and we'll help you decide!

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Daily tip: Scrolling on iPhone and iPad

Just get an iPhone or iPad and curious how to better scroll your way around apps like the Safari web browser? Apple has built a whole lotta multitouch goodness into iOS to help you out, and let's face it the faster and more accurately you can scroll, the better.

Thanks to SockRolid from TiPb's iPhone Forums, we'll show you a few quick tips to get you started... after the break.

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Amplitube 2 for iPhone - App Review

Amplitube 2 by IK Multimedia is an awesome little app that allows you to convert your iPhone into a full on guitar rig. Their iPad version was recently featured in one of the new Apple iPad ads. The app has 3 versions currently - Amplitube Free, Amplitube LE ($2.99), and the full Amplitube version ($19.99). We are using the full version for this review to give you a complete picture of what's available.

To use this app, you'll need to purchase an iRig, which are currently priced at $39.99. You'll simply plug your guitar or bass into the iRig which then plugs into your iPhone or iPad. The 3rd outlet allows you to plug into the audio output of your choice. We just used a standard surround system (receiver) for this review. You're also free to use an amp or headphones, which can be great if you'd like to practice quietly. And hey, it's a lot easier to carry around the iRig than an entire guitar rig.

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Incipio underGround Case for iPad - accessory review

If you're looking for a sleeve case for your iPad, the Incipio underGround Case may be for you. It's envelope design gives it an urban feel while offering protection for your precious iPad.

The outside is made from a wool/felt textured material and feels great in your hands. The micro-suede inside gives your iPad a scratch-free environment. The sleeve provides a snug fit, so pairing it with another case is likely impossible.

There isn't much else to say about Incipio underGround case because of it's simple design - which in this case (no pun intended), is a good thing. If you're an iPad user who prefers to use the device in it's naked state, I recommend heading over the TiPb iPad accessory store and checking the Incipio underGround Case out.

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360 Panorama For iPhone - app review

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360 Panorama for iPhone just issued a large update to their popular panorama app that uses the built-in gyroscope feature. This essentially allows you to capture more accurate panoramic photos much easier. It can take a bit longer than a standard stitching app but the overall quality seems to be better. As iPhone photography becomes even more prominent and mainstream, good photography apps tend to do well. 360 Panorama is definitely an app to check out if you enjoy editing and taking photos on your iPhone.

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Top 5 best Jailbreak apps and tweaks for iPhone

What are the top 5 best, or just our most favorite, Jailbreak apps and tweaks for iPhone? That's something we get asked a lot in comments, in the forums, and during the podcast chat. Cydia is filled with wonderful tools and applications to enhance your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. In this version, we're going to look at the top 5 jailbroken apps or tweaks to help you make the best of your iPhone experience. Some of these may apply to other devices as well, but we'll strictly be looking at the iPhone variants. Hit the break for what we think are 5 jailbreak utilities every jailbreaker should check out!

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Marware Eco-Flip case for iPad - accessory review

The Marware Eco-Flip case for iPad is a portfolio case which offers your iPad both style and protection. The padded outer layer of the case is an eco-leather material which is water resistance and beautiful to the touch. The inner microfiber layer of the case has a soft suede feel and cradles your iPad snugly inside. It also offers vertical and horizontal stand options as well as a keyboard lift. If you are looking for a vertical flip case then Marware has your covered.

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How to replace the back cover of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s

If you've smashed the back of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, a replacement is fairly cheap and costs far less than a new iPhone. Not only that, this particular iPhone repair is one of the simplest of them all. The process is the same for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Replacing the back panel also fixes any issues you may have with a hazy camera or cracked lens since it's built in to the back panel. So if any of these issues sound like you, follow along and we'll walk you through.

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TiPb TV 03: iPhone Case vs. Naked

Should you go around with a naked iPhone or do you need a case? If you do need a case, what kind should you get? That's a question we get asked all the time and it's the topic for the third episode of our new, conversational video podcast, TiPb TV.

Rene and I discuss the pros and cons of bare, barely there, and full on armor for iPhone 4. We also show off several of our favorite cases including the Case Mate Chrome and Ivy, the Incipio Ultra Light, the Golla Bag, the Otterbox Defender, and more.

We take on the argument of case vs. case vs. naked, the cost and benefits of protecting against the bumps and scratches of avoiding bulk. So if you've been trying to decide which type of case is best for you, or if you're daring to go bare with no case on at all, we'll help you make the best choice possible.

Watch along and then leave us a comment and tell us -- which case, if any, do you use?

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