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Talk Mobile Live Hangout - Come chat about the living dead!

We're talking about what to do when your favorite apps get bought, sold, killed, abandoned, and otherwise left for dead. (Looking at you, Google Reader!).

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Subscribe now to Talk Mobile via RSS, YouTube, and iTunes!

In addition to being available right here on iMore, now you can also catch up on all the Talk Mobile roundtable videos via your subscription services!

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Final batch of tickets for June 6th NYC Talk Mobile launch event now available!

The RSVPs have been getting snatched up fast for next Thursday's Talk Mobile launch party in NYC. To give as many people as possible a fair shot at attending, we spread the tickets out over three batch releases.

Just now we put live the third and final batch of tickets. If you're in New York City the evening of June 6th and want to attend, jump over to the event invitation page and claim your ticket!

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Mobile Nations podcast 21: Announcing Talk Mobile 2013!

Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, Phil Nickinson of Android Central, Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, and Rene Ritchie of iMore come together to talk about… Talk Mobile 2013! What is it, how will it work, and just how awesome will it be? Find out!

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Head's up: Talk Mobile podcast at 2pm ET, more party tickets available at 12pm ET!

It's an insane week here at iMore and Mobile Nations, with Talk Mobile 2013 just around the corner, and things are in no way slowing day! Here's what's headed your way today!

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RSVP now for the Talk Mobile 2013 party in NYC on June 6!

Mobile Nations, iMore, and the entire network have just announced Talk Mobile 2013 and while that's exciting, this might just be even more exciting -- we're throwing a giant launch party in New York City on Thursday June 6 and we want you to be there!

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Mobile Nations and iMore to host... Talk Mobile 2013!

#TM13 stands for Talk Mobile 2013, an all-new, online event hosted by Mobile Nations -- including not only iMore, but Android Central, CrackBerry, and Windows Phone Central as well -- created with one goal in mind: to take our ongoing discussion of mobile to the next level.

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Next week we'll tell you all about #TM13, today we'll give you a chance to win a trip for two to NYC for the launch party!

For the past month or so, we've been teasing you about our new online event, code-named #TM13. That ends next week, when we officially announce the event, and tell you all about it. In the meantime, here's one last tease:

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Editor's desk: #TM13

Last week was a whirlwind. We're in full on prep mode for #TM13 in New York City and that meant crushing it for endless hours every day. On the plus side, and it's a huge plus side, I got to crush it not only with the likes of Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, and Daniel Rubino, but with iMore's own Georgia and Peter Cohen, Mobile Nations luminaries like Marcus Adolfsson, Derek Kessler, Alex Dobie, Ashley Esqueda, David Lundblad, and Jose Negron, the always awesome Martin Reisch and -- oh yeah -- Cali Lewis and John P. of as well.

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Official Mobile Nations #TM13 teaser!

Mobile Nations' own Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, Phil Nickinson of Android Central, Rene Ritchie of iMore, and Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, are joined by John P and Cali Lewis of to tease our huge new [redacted].

Suffice it to say, you know how we used to do those monster Smartphone Round Robin events? You know how you've been bugging us every day of every week ever since about doing another one? Well, we've been listening. And in typical Mobile Nations style, we'll be taking things to a whole new level.

That's all I can say for now, but stay tuned to all of our sites, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and G+, and look out for #TM13 for more!

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