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White Iphone 4

2010 TiPb Award for Favorite #Fail of the Year goes to...!

Your votes have been counted, your voices have been heard, and we're proud to announce the 2010 TiPb Readers Choice Award for Favorite #Fail of the Year goes to... White iPhone 4!

The white iPhone 4 was announced by Apple alongside the black model during WWDC 2010 but shipping delay after shipping delay -- variously ascribed to manufacturing problems surrounding the color consistency, proximity sensor, light bleeding, etc. -- have kept it from appearing on the market to date. While rumors swirl that it may simply never show up, for their part Apple has pegged early 2011 as the next release window:

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Vote now for iPhone/iPad #fail of the year! - TiPb Awards

The 2010 TiPb Awards have begun and it's time to vote on all your favorites. This time it's a booby prize of sorts, the iPhone/iPad/Apple #fail of the year. Hey, every device and company has its share of ups and downs, right? With Apple level highs can only come equally deep lows, and 2010 saw some doozies!

But there can only be one 2010 TiPb Award winner, so vote up in the pole above and then let us know why you chose the #fail you did in comments below. (And if you don't see your favorite #fail here, add it as a write-in as well!)

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White iPhone 4 humor - Saturday fun video

John from the Los Angeles-based sketch group that created this white iPhone 4 response video sent it in, hoping the humor would help ease the sting of non-release.

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iPhone live podcast 123: Team Jailbreak

We're talking iPhone passing BlackBerry, AT&T vs Verizon, white iPhone delayed... again, greenpois0n vs. limera1n vs. pwnage tool, and the week in apps. It's team Pure vs. team Jailbreak folks and this is iPhone Live!

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Rumor: White iPhone 4 just never going to ship?

Building on yesterday's story of Apple announcing they wouldn't be releasing the white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011 comes new rumors that they've cancelled the phantom shade indefinitely, and will not be making it available whatsoever.  BGR reports:

According to a previous source of ours, we have been told that Apple in fact has no plans to release the white model iPhone 4.

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White iPhone 4 delayed until Spring 2011

Apple has announced that the now seemingly mythical device known as the white iPhone 4 will not grace us with its presence until next spring. Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller:

We're sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone yet again, but we've decided to delay its release until this Spring.

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If Apple made multi-color iPhones, which color would you buy?

If Apple made multi-color iPhones, which color would you buy?customer surveys

While we're still waiting on the white iPhone 4, and avoiding the annual holiday (PRODUCT) red iPhone rumors, we got to wondering -- if Apple did produce multi-color, "nanochromatic" versions of iPhone, which color would you buy?

Would you stick with black or would you crazy with color? Would you prefer Apple back the color into the iPhone or do you prefer being able to get different colored cases to switch things up all on your own?

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UPDATED: White iPhone 4 in the wild, when will they be in the stores?

There have always been a few white iPhone 4 in the wild, Apple employees in Cupertino the likely suspects, or high profile celebrity friends like Stephen Fry, or even low-profile friends far from the spotlight. Some have been caught on camera, some have been sent in as quiet tips. The only thing that hasn't been seen is the white iPhone 4 generally available for sale online or in stores.

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The White iPhone 4 has been spotted in the hands of Stephen Fry at the T3 Gadget Awards 2010. According to T3, Fry was talking about the Windows Phone 7 launch that he had attended earlier that day. When he reached for the new Windows Phone 7 that Microsoft had given him, however, Fry inadvertently pulled out his White iPhone 4.

Fry proceeded to taunt the audience and claimed that it was “The only white iPhone 4 currently in Europe”.

With the white iPhone 4 still unavailable to order from Apple, people are speculating how Stephen got his hands on the device. Was it an aftermarket job or is he in possession of one of the ‘ready-to-go’ white iPhone units? If the latter, could we see the white iPhone 4 before the holiday season?

by George Lim

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Tired of waiting for a white iPhone 4? Add some color with Incipio Feather Case [Sponsored]

Since Apple still hasn't shipped a white iPhone 4 -- much less a pink one -- I decided try out a few, fun Incipio Ultra Light Feather Cases instead. Because really, why should I have to wait for style? They come in black, turquoise, metallic black, metallic white, pink, metallic orange, forest green, yellow green, metallic gray, coral, metallic purple, and bright purple (phew!), and are thin and unobtrusive enough you'll barely notice the difference in your pocket or purse. They also come with a screen protector, so if you're worried about scratches, they've got you covered.

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