A glimpse at Apple's new Bug Reporter [Update: It's back!]

Over the weekend, Apple’s Bug Reporter website saw a short-lived facelift. Developers were treated to a visually overhauled website on Saturday, but seems to have been reverted to its old, archaic predecessor sometime Sunday. If you missed it, you weren't alone. Here's what seems to have happened...

Update: The redesign has reappeared. If you're a developer and you've checked it out, let us know what you think!

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Watch the WWDC 2013 Keynote on YouTube

Apple has just made the WWDC 2013 keynote available on their YouTube channel. So, whether you've yet to see it, or you just want an easy way to watch it again (and again), hit the play link above and enjoy all the OS X Mavericks, new MacBook Air, new Mac Pro, iWork for iCloud, and iOS 7 action.

Bring your own popcorn.

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Apple's signature, its meaning, and its promise

This was Tim Cook's WWDC, not only headlined by a risky, heavily skeuomorphic, deeply gamified iOS 7, but wrapped in messaging that elaborated on their core beliefs, and re-affirmed a promise to the people who use their products. From the opening video to the closing words, Apple repeated that message, and a few things came to mind as I watched the video and the event:

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Justin Williams talks Pit Pass, Elements, and more - WWDC 2013

Justin Williams of Second Gear Software talks about Pit Pass, his clever developer concept for Passbook, and Elements, his text editor. Live from WWDC 2013!

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The new Mac Pro: purpose-built for performance

The most frequently repeated joke at WWDC about the new Mac Pro is that it looks like a trashcan or a cigarette tray. There's nothing trashy about it: it looks more like a jet turbine - an example of form following function so evident throughout Jony Ive's design catalog.

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ADN's Dalton Caldwell talks micro-blogging, mixing, and being the platform

Live from WWDC 2013 I sat down with Dalton Caldwell and got a State of the App.net -- everything from the current and varied crop of micro-blogging clients to the new messaging apps and photo mashups to what ADN could do better and where they're headed in the future. It's refreshing to see a social platform that's happy to be the platform and not need to own every bit of interface and idea in the space.

It's a hefty 10 minutes, so grab a refreshing beverage, hit play, and enjoy.

More: [App.net[(http://alpha.app.net)

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iOS 7: All the features you might have missed!

When Apple unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 on Monday, they spent most of their time talking about ten major features of the new OS, including a refreshed interface, better multitasking, and iTunes Radio. But, as with past years, they also spent a couple of minutes highlighting additional features that, while they enhance the user experience, don't merit a five or ten-minute explanation of of their own. The following is a breakdown of other features that we know of that users will see when iOS 7 is released:

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MacBreak Weekly 354: Leave Cindy Alone!

Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Scott Knaster, Aaron Hillegass, and I roundup WWDC 2013.

Download or subscribe: TWiT.tv

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WWDC 2013 Day 1

I lined up at 2am for the WWDC 2013 keynote. It was early, it was cold. But there were great people in line to talk with and the time passed surprisingly fast. Marc Gurman was there, as was Adam Bell, Grant Paul (chpwn), Marc Edwards, the Nickelfish crew, and many, many others. But that was just the beginning...!

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Tim Cook's WWDC

Eight month ago Tim Cook did to Apple's management what his predecessor, Steve Jobs famously did their product line years before, and during WWDC 2013 keynote, we saw the first major results of that decision.

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