No, the headline isn't a typo. Ellen Page stars in a new PS3 title, Beyond: Two Souls, and at Gamescom this week in Germany, some interesting details about how you can control the lead character have emerged. In an apparent attempt to appeal to the more casual, smartphone oriented gamer, the title will be controllable with a touchscreen Android or iOS device. From Joystiq:

In multiplayer or solo, Beyond is playable with iOS and Android touchscreen devices, with the "Beyond Touch" app. It's a free app that allows players to control a character – it's a blank slate, with no buttons or on-screen sticks, that players use like a touchpad. Slide one finger around the screen and the character moves. The game automatically switches to easy mode when a touchscreen controller is in use.

The companion app is designed to appeal to those who don't sit down and play console games that often, and act as a sort of comfort blanket by putting the controls on the very screen they spend more of their time swiping at. Of course, those gamers will need to know the companion app exists before they buy the game, if indeed it's supposed to be targeted in this way.

What do you think though? Seasoned gamers will still use the PS3 controller, but would you like to see this sort of thing implemented in more games?

Source: Joystiq