Take your notes to the next level with Drafts 2.0 for iPhone and Drafts for iPad

Drafts, by Agile Tortoise is all about getting down your thoughts and ideas quickly and efficiently -- and it's now available on the iPad (as a separate purchase) with the ability to sync content between your iPhone and iPad based on the Simperium platform. The iPhone version has also gone 2.0 and features a fresh new look.

Every time you launch Drafts, you are immediately presented with a blank canvas to fill with your thoughts and ideas. Getting your text down quickly is the priority in Drafts, but it also offers extensive output options that let you send text to Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, a Calendar event, quickly save it to Dropbox or Evernote – or forward it to a growing list of other Apps such as OmniFocus, Things, The Hit List, Byword, Sparrow and more.

Some of the other new features include the ability to swipe down on the toolbar to see your draft full screen for reading, add links for phone numbers, addresses, and web links, and support for more apps including Phraseology, Writing Kit, Threadnote, Appigo Todo.

So who's excited about Drafts 2.0 and the release of Drafts for iPad? Out of curiosity, what type of content do you add to Drafts? Topics to write about? Jokes? Reminders? Clever status updates for Facebook? Let us know in the comments below!

$1.99 for iPhone - Download Now

$2.99 for iPad - Download Now

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