Take to the skies with Dragon Trials for iPhone and iPad

Dragon Trials is a new game that puts you in control of dragons as they fly and fight across several levels. In the game, you compete in the Dragon Trials, which establish a Dragon's reputation in the game's world.

To win the Trials, a dragon must grab the Golden Egg and score a goal with it. Grabbing the Egg causes every other dragon in the arean to come after you in an effort to get it for themselves. There are a variety of weapons at your disposal to fight them off, from the classic fireball to icebeams and more. You can choose from different options for you flight control. You can choose to use your iPhone's gyroscope, either alone or with the compass. The accelerometer is also and option. Dragon Trials also supports game controllers. You can adjust the sensitivity as needed.

Dragon Trials features six different dragons for you to choose from, each with different attributes. There are twelve arenas across four different worlds to play in as well. Most of the dragons and levels are made available through in-app purchases, with each item priced at $0.99. The game itself is a free, universal download, and can be found on the App Store now.

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