If traveling around with a traditional MacBook Pro isn't powerful enough for you, then you may want to check out the new Mac Pro Go Case from WaterField Designs, a sleeve that allows you to tote around your Mac Pro. The sleeve itself looks like an insulated container for a giant Thermos bottle and will snugly fit Apple's cylindrical desktop tower along with a few accessories, like an Ethernet cable, keyboard, and mouse.

"The Mac Pro case is ideal for video editors, traveling gamers, game developers and big power users on the go."

The case itself is "enveloped in sturdy ballistic nylon" with plenty of padding, a tough plastic plate to protect the bottom of your Mac Pro, and pockets for housing accessories. There is also a shoulder strap to allow users to carry the whole package, which weighs 13.8 pounds with a Mac Pro inside, comfortably.

Having the Mac Pro Go Case itself isn't entirely the perfect mobile workstation for those who plant themselves at a Starbucks and write as you'll still need to bring your own power source and display, but it does give those who need to demonstrate an app or for video editors to showcase their latest project when they connect to a TV, monitor, or projector in a studio.

If this case fits your needs and workflow, it is available right now for $129 from SF Bags.