Hold onto your Butt Stallions, Tales from the Borderlands is now available on iOS. It offers the familiar dialog-heavy adventure style as Telltale's other games, while lathering on the distinctive cel-shaded art style and over-the-top antics of the Borderlands series of shooter games.

Players hop into the storyline after Borderlands 2 as Rhys, a Hyperion company man, and Fiona, a con artist local to the unforgiving world of Pandora. Zer0 Sum is the first episode of five we'll be seeing from the series, and as you might expect, it features one of the heroes from the hugely popular first-person shooter.

The release of Tales from the Borderlands is hot on the heels of a new Game of Thrones title. Telltale is best known to date for their work on a series of Walking Dead games, and more recently, the adaptation of a graphic novel called The Wolf Among Us. All of these games have done a fantastic job with original voice acting, strong plotlines, and faithfulness to their respective original franchises. It's safe to expect Tales from the Borderlands will be no different, but you can always check out the glowing reviews of the Mac version that launched last month.

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