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Talk Mobile now available via RSS, YouTube, and iTunes!

Talk Mobile 2013 is an online event spanning the Mobile Nations Network, bringing together our Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone communities, along with leading industry experts, special guests, and - most importantly - you.

To see all the topics and get in on the conversation, visit:

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WeChat's new 'mini' function gives Apple's app store a run for its money

While the app acts as a communication device between users, recently WeChat launched something called Xiaochengxu, which translates to ‘mini programs’. What are these mini programs exactly?

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The state of the mobile keyboard... and what comes next!

This will probably be the most CrackBerry-centric infographic that spins out of Talk Mobile, and fair enough. If there's anything BlackBerry still owns, it's the hardware keyboard, and unlike BBM, that's probably not going cross-platform any time soon, and it's certainly not coming to the iPhone anytime... ever.

By the same token, the iPhone's virtual keyboard, a marvel in its day, is now one of the oldest implementations in the industry, and not only is BlackBerry doing really interesting things with their BB10 virtual keyboard. but so are a lot of third parties on Android, like Swype and Swift Key.

Apple hasn't shown off any major changes to the keyboard for iOS 7, other than transparency. So here's where I make a CrackBerry-centric infographic all about iPhone and iPad:

Check out the inforgraphic below and let me know if it properly describes your usage and your needs, and then tell me - What do you want to see from Apple when it comes to keyboards going forward?

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1 Minute Survey: How many times per day do you use your phone for the "basics"?

We're in the process of cooking up another sweet Talk Mobile infographic (this one based on our social and communications week) and in doing so we need to reach out to the community with one more big question.

Specifically, we're looking at how many times per day you use your phone to do the basics... send a message or email, check what time it is, add an appointment to your calendar, etc. Easy stuff.

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Why Candy Crush is killing console gaming! - Talk Mobile Report

We spent a whole week on Talk Mobile covering the impact of mobile gaming on the console market, on developers, on our lives, and on the future of the industry in general. But we were just getting the conversation started. After our intro, we handed the topic over to you, and thanks to your comments, suggestions, votes, and survey responses, we got a ton of information back. And here it is!

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ZEN & TECH 56: Why we hate people who love different phones

ZEN & TECH is our mobile lifestyle podcast, focusing not just on our phones, tablets, and gadgets, but how we can use technology to help us live better, richer, happier lives. It's how we center our inner geeks! Since it's platform week on Talk Mobile 2013, Georgia and Rene are back to discuss the elephant in every comment system - fanboyz, haters, trolls, and griefers. Namely, if we love a phone - or anything else - why do we feel the need to hate on people who love different phones?

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Take our Social Networking and Communication Survey for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card!

We're fans of numbers and quantifiable data here at Mobile Nations, and so following after the third week of Talk Mobile 2013, we're turning to our good friend the survey to help compile some data. Week three was focused on mobile social networking and communication. If you missed any of the content, be sure to click over to our Talk Mobile hub and check it out.

The mobile social networking and communication survey will only take a minute or two to complete, and as an extra incentive (not that you guys and gals need it, but we like to give things away), by completing the survey you'll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card. Hit the link below to take the survey!

Click here to take the Talk Mobile State of Mobile Social Networking and Communication Survey!

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Great keyboard debate - Talk Mobile Hangout

ZEN & TECH 55: Parenting; Keeping kids safe on social

ZEN & TECH is our mobile lifestyle podcast, focusing not just on our phones, tablets, and gadgets, but how we can use technology to help us live better, richer, happier lives. It's how we center our inner geeks! On today's show, Georgia and Rene tie into Talk Mobile 2013 and, as part of our ongoing parenting series, look at how we can handle kids going online and onto social networks, from when they're very young, to when they're legally adults.


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Social privacy - Talk Mobile Hangout

Social overload - Talk Mobile Hangout!